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Success Story: Nancy Lost 45 Pounds!

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Age: 49 Height: 5'2"
Starting Size: 8-10 Petite Current Size: 4 Petite
Starting Weight: 145 Current Weight: 100
Weight Loss: 45

Success Story Nancy from Elmendorf, MN wrote:

“In January 2007, I found myself unable to walk up 11 steps of stairs without being out of breath and my chest hurting. As there is a history of heart disease in my family, I considered visiting a doctor for a diagnosis. However, inwardly I knew that being 5’2″, 145 pounds, and 48 years old was not a good combination. I became determined not to be unhealthy and 50 years old. An exercise class was started at my church and I joined. After attempting to create routines, one of the ladies brought Chris’ Drop It in 30 DVD. We began using it, and after seeing great results, moved on to the Get Moving DVD. The Get Moving DVD challenged me even further to do just that… get moving.

I now exercise nightly at my home. Chris seems to know when I am ready to give up and stop the routine. Her words “keep going”, “you’re doing a great job”, “you can do this”, and “don’t give up” give me that extra encouragement. She even knows when to say “keep breathing” as I find myself needing to catch a breath at that moment.

The 3-2-1 DVD got me hooked on using weights. I have purchased Personal Trainer DVD and The Abs Advantage DVD. These are great workouts to alternate with the high impact routines. I have started using the Fight Cellulite Fast DVD. It is tough, and Chris really pushes me, but WOW… what a great workout!

Through Chris’ encouragement and energy, me learning good eating habits, and much prayer, I have lost 45 pounds since beginning this journey in 2007. My husband is proud of me as are my daughters. I feel the workouts are so much more than just fads. They are learning tools to teach us, even women over 40, that we can be healthy and as Chris says “look better in our jeans”. As I look back at my heavy pictures and compare my body to the healthy pictures, I cannot help but cry a bit. Cry for happiness and relief that I have been given an opportunity to live and not fall to any excuses for being overweight and unhealthy. Oh… and those stairs? I run up them! Thank you, Chris!”

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