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Success Story: Pauline Lost 10 Pounds!

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Success Story: Pauline Moles of San Marcos, CA

Age: 47

Height: 5’5”

Starting Weight: 160 lbs.

Current Weight: 150 lbs.

Before & After Size: 9 to 6

success storyI’ve always been athletic, but as I got into my 40s I started to slow down. I needed inspiration, motivation, and a stronger will. I always worked well with challenges, even at work. Last year, on April 30 I prayed for help. My exact words were ” God, I need help, I need a challenge. I don’t like the way I’m feeling right now.”  That night I received an email from Prevention Magazine about a challenge. I looked up and said “THANK YOU!!”

That was a turning point for me. I was 170 pounds, but even though I never looked over weight, I felt tired and sluggish all the time. Plus, it doesn’t help when your husband always buying unhealthy snacks that I crave around my time of the month. So even though I was active, the scale was creeping up.

As soon as I joined the May Challenge last year, I started feeling great again and stayed on track. I loved Chris’ workouts. They weren’t crazy, and I loved that they were very structured. It worked for me! Chris makes you push yourself to the limit in her sweet way.  I purchased four of her DVDs, and I love them all. Whenever I feel depressed I put on her kickboxing workout, and within minutes I start feeling better and empowered.

After the May Challenge, I entered other challenges on ChallengeLoop and ran three 5Ks. I had lost 23 pounds in 8 months but it started creeping up again. I finally had a talk with my husband about eating habits and how it’s poisoning us. He finally agreed to eat only what I cook.

When I did this year’s Prevention challenge, I was very ready for it. My husband didn’t workout, but he ate clean and he lost 16 pounds. I cooked three clean healthy meals a day for a month. We both don’t want to go back to eating the wrong stuff. This is a true life change for both of us. Thank you, Chris. I look forward to your future challenges!

success story

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