The Confidence That Comes With Aging: Our Interview With Chris

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By: // October 26, 2015

Hello, Get Healthy U readers! We have some very exciting news for you this week! Our very own Chris Freytag is turning 50 on Halloween—yes, this Saturday! So to honor her (believe us, against her will!) we wanted to allow you all to get to know her better. We overruled her insistence on not being celebrated and are bringing new content to the site all about Chris this week: her favorite recipes, her thoughts on aging, her beauty routine and more.

Today, we asked Chris about what’s she’s looking forward to as she enters her 50s and what the last decade has taught her. Check back every day to see fun new posts to celebrate Chris!

Team GHU: What are you most looking forward to this year?

Chris: I’m so excited about the launch of Get Healthy U TV, which just happened last this week! I am passionate about continuing to create programs for women of all ages to keep them healthy and moving so I am so looking forward to what this new channel will bring.

Jim and I are also looking forward to things being a little more flexible at this time in our lives: being able to travel, see our parents and adult kids, and do different things. It’s also a much better time to reconnect with friends—when you’re busy raising kids it can be hard to find that time, let alone think about “me time.” The thought of going out with the girls and getting a massage or facial used to be comical, but now there’s a little more room for fun things like that!

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Team GHU: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your 40s?

Chris: Confidence and self-realization. It sounds funny to say it, but you really don’t know who you are until you’re in your 40s. Your 20s can be so fun, but you’re still trying to figure everything out. Your 30s are often filled with raising kids and you’re just so busy trying to figure out parenting. You hit your 40s and you feel more confident and more connected to yourself and other people. I also think I started understanding the world and humans on a deeper level. I have the time and the depth to care about certain issues and try to make a difference.

Team GHU: In what ways has your life perspective shifted as you’ve aged?

Chris: As you age, I’ve found that you start to care less about what people think. You’re more confident. A lot of people hold back their opinions when they’re younger because they’re afraid people will be critical, but as you get older, you become a little more comfortable speaking your truth and saying: “this is what I believe—it’s okay if you don’t agree.” On the flip side, I am definitely less judgmental! With age comes maturity and wisdom and I try to live by the concept of “be a witness not a judge.” Opinions and judgment are different in my mind. Opinions are “speak your truth and give your best advice.” Judgement is “acceptance.” In your 40’s you become more accepting of lots of things.


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on November 4, 2015 at 4:39 AM Reply

I'm 48 going on 50 every time I tell my friends I cannot wait to be fifty they think I'm crazy thanks for this article.

on October 26, 2015 at 7:23 PM Reply

Beautifully put. This is exciting, Chris behind the scenes. I especially loved the part about not caring as much about what people think since that is, by far, the greatest downfall for many of us. The moment we know ourselves, we can stand firm in who we are. In fact, when I am able to help clients get over this hurdle - everything becomes possible. Just lovely Chris!

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