The Power of Surrounding Yourself with Amazing Women

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // May 14, 2015

When I was little, I discovered that exercise can give you an incredible sense of accomplishment and confidence and I wanted to pass that amazing feeling on to other women. I love helping other women build up their confidence and feel good about who they are. When you feel fabulous about yourself, you feel like you can accomplish anything. When you have a mindset of “I’ve got this” you become unstoppable and life becomes so much more enjoyable.

Encouraging other women with positivity stems back to the influence my mom had on me growing up. She was always telling me that I was doing “a great job” and she always encouraged me to find the good in people. When SCA asked me to participate in the Amazing Women Everywhere Photo Mosaic, selecting my mom as an example of an amazing woman was an easy choice.

Discover the power of surrounding yourself with amazing women.

My mom taught me to always be humble and treat others how you like to be treated. She pushed me hard and wanted me to believe in myself. She emphasized the importance of having a positive attitude by always looking for the positive in people, things and the every day. She taught me to nurture those you love and enjoy mealtime as a family without any distractions.

My mom is a true giver. Her message has always been to volunteer when you can and share with others. She is always open-minded accepting other people’s lives, traditions and problems. I am so thankful to continue to be inspired by someone as special as my mom and hope that I have passed those values on to my kids too.

My mom really taught me the power of the positve and I now share her life philosophy with my amazing Get Healthy U community. At Get Healthy U, we want to help view everything with a positive lens:

Find an exercise you love, not dread.

Make food with real ingredients that tastes delicious and forget diets.

Enjoy planned indulges fully.

Be mindful and present in your life, noticing everything that is going right.

Choose the thoughts that run through your mind carefully. (Hint: Choose the positive.)

Make a healthier dessert. See? You don’t have to give up desserts.

Move your body more throughout the day and have more energy.

Take time to do an activity that recharges you.

Embrace sleep and aim for seven hours. Sleep is actually productive time because adequate sleep will make your life better.

Are you viewing your day through a positive lens? If not, maybe you it’s time to surround yourself with more positive influences.

Discover the power of surrounding yourself with amazing women.

Inspiring Sisters and the Best of Friends – PHOTO CREDIT: SCA Photo Mosaic

Who inspires you?

At Get Healthy U, we know our community is made up of amazing women, so tell us who you are inspired by! Is it your mom, a friend, your sister, a celebrity? Is there a woman who inspires you in your everyday life?  You can participate in the Amazing Women Everywhere Photo Mosaic by submitting your own photo of an amazing woman in your life. Want to read about more Amazing women? Read The Inspiring Story of 13 Women Sailing Around the World, Team SCA.

Let’s share positive words about amazing women in our lives! It’s no secret, you are greatly influenced by the people you surround yourself with most, so why not choose to surround yourself with some amazing women?

Through connection and sharing of our inspirational stories, we all can get fired up to live our fullest lives. My mom always told me, “You do this.” And now I am telling you: “Yes you can.”SCA believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest, and we are committed to creating value for people and nature. To champion these ideals, SCA launches Amazing Women Everywhere, to celebrate women who have a positive impact on others.

The women of SCA’s all-female racing team, Team SCA, exemplify this spirit. They have come from all walks of life and backgrounds to take on one of the world’s most challenging endeavors, the Volvo Ocean Race. For nine months, their journey of hard work and determination will inspire millions around the world. Follow along with Team SCA on Facebook!

We aim to gather thousands of stories from all over the world and inspire thousands more by illustrating that amazing women truly are everywhere. Visit to submit a photo of an amazing woman in your life.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SCA. The opinions and text are all mine.

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