15-Minute ‘Sweating For The Wedding’ Workout

By: Kim Pieper, CPT // June 11, 2019

If there was ever motivation to look your best, it’s a wedding! Planning a wedding puts a lot on your “to-do” list and a lot on your mind! One of those things is undoubtedly how you can look your very best for the big day by creating a wedding workout plan! And we’re here to tell you that first, the body you have right now is amazing; it enables you to move and live and that is a beautiful thing that deserves appreciation. But we also understand that you may have areas you’d like to improve or weight you’d like to drop to look and feel your best on the big day. So whether you are the bride-to-be, bridesmaid or mother of the bride – we’ve got a 15-minute wedding workout and wedding workout plan for you!


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    Find Ways To Relieve Stress

    Stress wreaks havoc on your body, let alone what it does to your mind! But unfortunately, stress and weddings just seem to go together. As a part of your overall wedding wellness plan, try to find an avenue where you can de-stress. Lots of times, a workout can do this for you which is just another reason to make exercise a part of your routine! Other things like meditation, reading a good book (that isn’t wedding related!), or drawing a bath can also help to relieve stress and relax your mind. Check out our other stress-less ideas that take less than 5 minutes to do! Psst, eating healthy allows your body to function at its best and better combat stress as well!

    Clean Up Your Diet

    Let’s face it – working out will help tone your muscles and drop excess fat, but what you eat and drink can make the biggest difference in how you look and feel overall. So follow these tips from now until your big day, no matter how distant or soon it’s coming.

    1.Water, water, water. Drinking water is a must! Replace your soda, juice and most certainly cocktails with some plain old water! Better yet, throw in some lemon water once or twice a day to help flush toxins, balance your PH levels, and encourage weight loss. Bottom line: try to drink eight to twelve 8 oz. glasses of water a day and let the other drinks go for a while.

    2. Cut the sugar – and the fake sugar! Sugar and artificial sweeteners make you bloated and hold on to more fat. If you want to shape up for your wedding, it’s time to make them go away. The obvious things like cookies, donuts and candy are easy to spot. Remember, however, sugar is a big part of most yogurts, cereal and other processed grains, ‘nutrition’ bars, sauces like ketchup and barbecue sauce, coffee drinks and so much more. Keep your food as natural as can be. Sugar in a banana is good (natural); sugar in your granola bar is not good (added).

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    3. The majority of each meal should be lean and green! Think of a dinner plate: half should be veggies, a quarter should be lean proteins and the other quarter should be a small side of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa or whole grain wraps. This doesn’t just mean dinner! All meals should have these elements. So instead of a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, switch to an egg scramble full of chopped veggies and a half piece of whole grain toast. Need to get lunch on the run? Take a whole wheat wrap, layer with lean turkey and spinach, roll it up to place in a ziploc to go! Throw in an apple for the sweet crunch. When you eat this way, you’ll stay full longer and leave less room for the processed, sugary temptations that come your way. We have tons of great, clean recipes on Get Healthy U.

    4. Save the drinking for your wedding parties and reception. Alcohol is not your friend when it comes to weight loss or stress reduction. The empty calories, the blood sugar spike and the dehydration that happens are all very hard on your system. Hold off for the celebrations that really matter.

    Get Some Sleep

    As busy as you are going to be, just remember to get your zzz’s. A good night’s sleep does wonders for your mind and your body. Lack of sleep increases sugar cravings, lowers your immunity, shortens your temper and encourages your body to hold on to fat.

    Your Wedding Workout Plan

    28-Day Bridal Bootcamp Fitness Calendar

    If you’ve got at least one month until the wedding we have the perfect solution: our Get Healthy U TV Bridal Bootcamp Calendar! This 28-Day Calendar will help you shed pounds, tone your muscles, and feel your best. The best part? There’s no equipment required-it’s just you, your bodyweight, and your determination!

    Our Bridal Bootcamp combines high intensity bodyweight workouts with ab-flattening core routines and Pilates to give you a long and lean appearance. There are no days off in this Bridal Bootcamp Calendar, which you can run through once if you’re a month away from the big day, or more if you have several months to get in shape. No matter when the special event is, you deserve to be your healthiest, happiest self! See the preview below.

    However, if you have less time or don’t want to commit to a month long-plan, we’ve also created this 15-minute ‘sweating for the wedding’ workout. This full body workout will get you not only ready for the wedding, but maybe that honeymoon beach vacation too! Nevertheless, there is a special focus on arms and shoulders so that any style dress can look great! These exercises are all compound moves – that means you are going to multi-task your muscles so that we can fit as much in as possible to prepare for your big day! Plus, the more muscles used, the more calories burned! And speaking of burning calories: in between each strength exercise, you are going to get a quick cardio blast to help you burn up the calories and shake off a few extra pounds! So let’s get started. Click on each exercise below which has further instruction on proper form and download our printable workout below. 

    The plan:

    1. Grab a pair of dumbbells: anything from 5-12 pounds depending on your strength level.
    2. Perform each strength move below for 1 minute: go at your own pace and fit in as many reps as you can with GOOD FORM. Make sure you choose a weight that challenges you so that by the time the minute comes to an end, you are struggling to finish!
    3. Each cardio blast should be done for 30 seconds max –pushing until you are breathing hard!!!
    4. Take about 15 – 20 seconds rest after your cardio move before moving on.

    Let’s go!

    Warmup: 1 Minute: Inchworm

    1 Minute: – Plank to Upright Row: (Core, shoulders and upper back)

    30 seconds: Jumping Jacks
    1 Minute: Squat Thruster: (Booty and shoulders)

    30 seconds: Jump Rope
    1 Minute: Downward Dog Push-Ups: (Chest, arms, shoulders and a great big stretch)

    30 seconds: Power Skips
    1 Minute: Forward Lunge Bicep Curl: (Legs and arms)

    30 seconds: High Knees
    1 Minute: Dips and Kicks: (Core, booty and triceps)

    30 seconds: CC Ski
    1 Minute: Side Lunge Front Raise: (Outer thigh and shoulders)

    30 seconds: Squat Jumps
    1 Minute: Renegade Row: (Upper back and abdominals)

    30 seconds: Mountain Climbers
    1 Minute: Plie’ V-Raise: (Inner thighs and shoulders)

    30 seconds: Skaters
    1 Minute: Sit-Up Press: (Abs, chest and arms)

    Do this workout 2-3 times a week or mix and match with other workouts. And make sure to stretch and drink lots of water!


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