5 Recipes To Meal Prep on Sunday

By: Chris Freytag, CPT // August 23, 2021

If you’re looking to set yourself up for success, Sunday meal prepping is a great way to get do it. It’s the perfect way to jumpstart on your week and ensure that your upcoming weeknights will be happy and healthy. Here at Get Healthy U, we try to advantage of our Sundays and prepare a few items ahead of time that will save us time and energy for the week ahead. Plus, using your slow cooker (see below!) makes your Sunday meal prep that much simpler.

For three of the below recipes, we use a delicious method to cook pork tenderloins and then use the meat in sandwiches, chili, and salads that everyone will love.  We also whip up a batch of quinoa, sautè ground turkey and prep some veggies for a couple other super yummy recipes.

Plus, these meals span the cuisine globe so you don’t get sick of anything! Oh and did we mention that this will only take you a max of 2 hours of prep time in the kitchen. Yes, please! Ready for your meal prep Sunday?? Well, without further ado, here is your Sunday prep list for healthy meals all week long!


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    • Make 2 pork tenderloins in the slow cooker according to this recipe
    • Make 1 cup quinoa according to package directions (yields about 3 cups cooked)
    • Sautè 1 pound ground turkey with 1 tablespoon of olive oil until cooked through.

    A couple things to keep in mind when it comes to meal prep:

    • Cooked meat typically lasts about 3-4 days in the fridge. You’ll see we chose a vegetarian meal on Friday for this reason.


    Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches This slower cooker BBQ pork sandwich recipe is easy, healthy, and super tasty! Set it and forget it, come to an amazing BBQ dinner.

    Mondays are hard.

    Come home feeling awesome about that fact that dinner is already ready! Simply warm up your pulled pork from yesterday and serve on buns. The pork is so tender and tasty and we think coleslaw makes the perfect side.



    Skinny Italian Stuffed Peppers

    These simple recipes are perfect for your meal prep Sunday!

    Since your turkey and quinoa are already prepped, simply mix all the ingredients together, stuff into peppers and bake for in the oven!

    It’s a super easy and delicious dinner recipe that everyone will love. And you’ll be thrilled you already did most of the work on Sunday!


    Chili Verde with Pork These simple recipes are perfect for your meal prep Sunday!

    This twist on your classic chili is made with tomatillos and your leftover shredded pork. Tomatillos have a zesty, bright taste giving the chili that beautiful green color and rich creamy texture.

    We always serve this chili with our fresh Guacamole recipe and baked pita chips. We promise this easy chili is a crowd-pleaser, and even kids will be begging for seconds.


    Asian Salad with Pulled Pork and Ginger Dressing

    a Asian salad with cabbage, snow peas, and carrots covered with pulled pork and ginger sesame dressing

    This Asian salad with pulled pork and ginger dressing is fresh, delicious, and full of yummy rich flavors. So, if you’re sick of a boring green salad, this is your answer!

    And if you’re prone to get sick of eating this same food over and over (hi!), then this Asian spin on pork will be the perfect refresh.


    Broccoli, Cheese Quinoa Casserole

    These simple recipes are perfect for your meal prep Sunday!

    Finish off the week with a vegetarian recipe that’s got comfort food written all over it. This “mac & cheese” like recipe is made healthy with quinoa and broccoli for a delicious dinner that’s guilt-free!

    Plus, since you already prepped your cooked quinoa, it will come together in a snap.

    A couple of recipes not jiving with your tastebuds? Grab yourself a rotisserie chicken or make an entire chicken in your instant pot and try these a few of these 15 recipes with shredded chicken.

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