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By: // August 2, 2014

When Kate Middleton stepped out with her newborn son Prince George one day after giving birth, she had on an adorable baby blue polka dot dress that showed off her post-baby bump. While she appeared truly transfixed on her newborn son, she was also setting a great example for pregnant moms everywhere by sending the message: You are still supposed to have a baby bump right after giving birth! Let’s give a shout out for realistic healthy role models of post-baby bodies! HOORAY!

Pregnancy curves are perfectly normal for some time after giving birth. It drives me a tad bit crazy when celebrities give birth and go into hiding and don’t reappear until they reveal body perfection in record time. It sends the wrong message to new moms everywhere. (Hmmm. Has anyone seen a photo of Kim Kardashian yet?) As someone who couldn’t be MORE in the public eye, Kate did women everywhere a favor by saying it’s okay to have a post-prego belly that doesn’t miraculous snap back to bikini-bod-ready one day after producing life. How refreshing and real to show off the post-baby bump! We need more real role models so women can stop beating themselves up—especially right after our bodies produce tiny miracles!

Let’s have realistic standards. Having a baby is no small physical event. It’s a nine month ordeal! All women are different, so weight loss is different for all women. Some women can get their pre-baby bodies back faster than others, but it’s totally realistic to not get your body back for nine months to a year. And when celebrities with personal trainers, personal chefs and multiple nannies, strut about making it seem like a snap—it only makes other women feel badly—at a time when emotions are already on a roller coaster ride. Let’s give women a break and have more realistic expectations so they can joyfully focus on being new moms and have faith that the weight will come off in due time. Kate sent this great message with her cute post-baby bump.

Your baby bump doesn’t magically disappear overnight. You don’t have to be in a hurry to shed that weight after pregnancy. The rate of your weight loss post-baby depends on lots of variables such as your age, how fit you were prior to pregnancy, genetics, whether you choose to (or can) breastfeed, and whether you had a C-section. It also can vary from one pregnancy to another. You might be able to get the weight off faster with your first than your second. This is something you don’t have to try and control, just get back to your doctor-approved exercise when it’s the right time for you. It took nine months to grow your baby, give yourself some time to get your pre-baby body back and be kind to yourself in the process. Don’t forget, lots of celebrities have air-brushing and Photoshop helping them out.

Celebrate normal and natural. After you have a baby, the last thing you should be worried about is seeing how fast you can look like you didn’t have a baby. How silly is that? You did have a baby! It is okay to look like you did! There’s plenty of time to get back in shape after having a baby and there are some great ways to do it, but your focus should be on the tiniest new addition to your family, and not on making yourself feel badly because you aren’t rocking any magazine covers one week later. Give me a break! Enjoy the miraculous process of being pregnant, giving birth and being a new mom. Your skinny jeans can wait. Trust me.

It’s about the baby, not the body. When you are holding your precious new baby, you should absorb all the wonder, magic and joy of being a new mom. And that’s what Kate did when she introduced the world to baby Prince George. The focus was on her baby. She let the world meet her son while her body was on perfect-post pregnancy display. If only more people in the public eye would let women off the hook in the same way (by being real!)—what a kinder and more supportive world it could be!

So new moms out there: Show off your pregnant baby bump with pride. And realize that it’s normal to have a post-baby bump too. Take the first few days after birth to just regroup and then focus on getting your pre-baby body back over time with healthy eating and exercise (only after the doctor gives you the green light). You are beautiful and you should know it…and SHOW IT!

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on August 3, 2013 at 6:59 PM Reply

Woo hoo! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for blogging about this subject! It drives me crazy too when celebrities are celebrated for their instant post-baby body as though it were natural! My thought has always been, "Who has been taking care and bonding with your baby while you were focused solely on yourself in order to get your body back?" I agree too that we need to have realistic role models to look to when it comes to setting appropriate goals in the real world. As a mother of three myself, I know first hand how things change . . . all over. Thanks again for letting women who live in the real world give themselves the credit we deserve!

on August 3, 2013 at 7:22 AM Reply

It is important to know that breast feeding not only gives your baby the most nutritious meal possible, it also helps you burn off post partum pounds due to the calories is takes to produce. However, when you are breast feeding you must know that your milk is as healthy as your last meal! Kind of like why grass fed cow milk/meat is preferable.

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