How to Win the Mental Game of Weight Loss

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By: // August 12, 2014

Getting healthy and losing weight doesn’t start in your kitchen or in your gym—it starts in your mind. Once you get yourself in the right place mentally—you can start to make lasting change. And that’s where a lot of people make the mistake: They skip the mental part!  You have to WIN the mental game of weight loss first! Your power is in your mind!

Maybe you aren’t convinced that YOU are capable of change because you’ve tried before without success.

Or maybe you’ve had success only to gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose.

So my question to you is: Did you start with getting your head in the game? That is by far the first step! As the saying goes…

If you haven’t decided to show up yet, let me help nudge you towards that decision!   

You can construct your healthy lifestyle step-by-step. Little changes can add up big.

You can get rid of any obstacles that have held you back in the past. Stop telling yourself it’s too hard or that you can’t do it!  Those are pessimistic and negative thoughts. Begin from a positive place.

Let’s start with the POSITIVE!

YES YOU CAN is what I will tell you in the beginning. Your journey isn’t the same as anyone else, but it doesn’t matter when you start or why you start, it only matters that you start. You aren’t too old, too heavy or too set in your ways. Just decide you can owe it to your fabulous life to take care of you. Start today.

YES YOU WILL is what I will tell you in the middle! The middle of your weight loss journey is where it gets tough. This is where you may get frustrated if the weight isn’t coming off quickly enough or you need some extra encouragement because you notice the scale doesn’t steadily tick downward.

So, how can you win the mental game? These steps below will get you started.

  1. Get real with where you are today. Be honest with yourself. Where is your health today and where do you want it to be? How much weight you need to lose for your optimal health? Write out a little self-assessment of where you are today and your goals (where you want to be).
  2. Make your start doing and stop doing lists. What do you think you need to change in your life?  What do you need to stop doing and what do you need to start doing? Can you list the habits that aren’t supporting your healthy lifestyle? Can you list the healthy steps you are willing to take? Hint: Keep it simple like drink more water. Take more steps. Do squats daily. Get one hour of exercise most days. You don’t have to get all complicated to see results.
  3. Find support. I’m here for you, on my website: and on my Facebook page. You can ask me a question at But you also need the support of a family member or a friend. A workout buddy, a supportive ear, or someone to cook healthy alongside you. Don’t go it alone. People who have support have more lasting success.
  4. Make your success easier. Surround yourself with the people and the tools you need to lose weight.I don’t believe in crazy diets, but rather learning to make healthy food choices for life. I’ve got tons of free, delicious healthy recipes for you on and I put up new ones all the time. And if you want to work out with me regularly, check out my DVDs or the free workouts I post on my Facebook page.

You can do this. YES YOU CAN. If you are new to exercise or just starting your weight loss efforts … I’ve got a book for you with more than 100 pages of weight loss information and my personal coaching advice. Check out Get Started with Weight Loss! It’s what I would say to you if we could sit down together  one-on one. 

“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” ~ Walter Anderson

YES YOU DID is what I will tell you at the end!

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