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By: // January 20, 2015

If I am speaking to a group, leading a group fitness class, or posting something to my community via social media, I hope to spread positivity. I see every day what women can do when they believe in themselves.  And if I can help inspire women, I’m all about it! When I run fitness challenges or work with a group of women for Prevention magazine, I see the power that comes from a community of like-women supporting each other and lifting each other up. In the spirit of women rallying each other, I rounded  up several ways we can cheer each other on.
The world will always give us plenty of negative news and noise. Do any of us really want to add to the negative chatter? Here are several ways we can make the shift and be women who have each other’s backs.

 Overcome the green-headed monster. 

There is always going to be someone who you think is doing better than you are. Maybe it’s someone you deem more successful in business or someone who doesn’t seem to age. You can drive yourself crazy if you get envious of another woman because of their awesome: job, spouse, weight, house or life. Thinking someone else has it better than you does nothing positive for your life.  Envy is just another one of those negative emotions that’s just an emotional drain. Adopt a “good for you” or “good for her” mentality instead. Fuel any green thoughts into making your own life amazing.

Celebrate other people’s wins. 

Celebrating someone else’s success isn’t going to set you back. Complimenting another woman or celebrating their triumphs doesn’t take anything away from you or your kick-butt life. Self-confident women can celebrate the success of other women.

An inspirational image that says: One Woman Can Make a Difference

Lift Other Women Up

Make decisions that add to your self-worth. 

Everything you do and say sends a message to yourself about who you are. Putting other women down, doesn’t put you up. In fact, if you are really honest with yourself, I bet you will realize that criticizing other women makes you feel a little bad about you. Instead, be the woman who looks for the good in others. Find it and say something positive. Watch how your positive thoughts and words change how you feel about you.

Associate with people who lift you up.

Some people are just negative and critical and they aren’t going to change. If you find this to be the case with someone in your life, try to associate with that person less. We are truly influenced by who we surround ourselves with—negatively or positively. When you consciously surround yourself with supportive women who encourage you and want to see you succeed, it enhances your own self-worth.  I love seeing women joining forces to help each other achieve goals and live their best lives.

Look for what other women can teach you. 

I learn so many different things from other women. I am inspired by my group of girlfriends who are a major part of my life. Every week I am inspired by stories from women in my community who write to me about their weight loss success or improvements in their health. I’ve learned how resilient women are how there can be strength in numbers when women are on the same side.

I’d love it if we could all reap the benefits of a community of like-minded, supportive and encouraging women. Life gives us enough battles and negativity. Let’s be more positive toward each other.

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on April 3, 2016 at 10:09 AM Reply

Thanks for this message. I struggle with comparing my self to other women and their careers. What a great reminder to love your self and support each other!

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