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Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U.

I have been a fitness addict pretty much my whole life. At a young age I discovered that movement made me feel good and it’s been a part of my mission for the last 20+ years to help others experience what it means to feel good, be happy and love life.

I also have been studying food, cooking healthy and eating healthy for most of my life. Again something that started when I was young and something I’m passionate about!

I’m mildly obsessed with sharing all I know with all of you. I want to help you get healthy and feel beautiful because you take care of yourself and not because of your dress size. By the way, there is no such thing as a “perfect” body anyway.

I’m not perfect and don’t expect anyone else to be either. Actually being perfect would be boring. Therefore, I want to help you get better everyday and getting better is defined a little different by each and every one of us.

At 50 years old, I do know the struggles of fighting against nature. I don’t love the grey hairs, wrinkles and aging skin, but I love and appreciate my body more now than in the past. I am okay with my imperfections and feel good about who I am. I am aware of my strengths and accepting of my weaknesses, and I am always willing to work on them. Age makes people more attractive in so many ways because of how they have developed on the inside and less of what’s on the outside. And I’m here to help you feel great in your own skin and live your most fit life.

I also know the struggles of limited time. I have three kids, now grown, but when they were little, it wasn’t easy to stay in shape. After spending a couple of decades racing through each day to meet the demands of raising a family, holding down a job and dealing with all of the emotions and energy needed to parent, I am committed helping women of all ages manage their health while reigning in their chaos and dealing with the stress of everyday life.

I truly understand it’s not always an easy choice, and I love, love, love helping people find a way to make that choice a habitual and natural one.

That’s why I have this site. To share my gift, my knack for motivating and guiding you to make the right little choices, day after day, in a way that adds up to big, incredible success.

You can read some Get Healthy U success stories here:   http://gethealthyu.com/inspiration/success-stories/

What qualifies me to help you?

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Health Coach
  • ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • YogaFit Certified
  • Pilates Trained Mat and Reformer
  • ACE Board of Directors -Emeritus Member
  • Author of 7 books, dozens of fitness DVDs


But even more important than all that stuff I can put on the wall, a TV reel or bookshelf?

I’m a realist. I believe you can transform your body and mind… and look incredible at any age. But I’ll never blow smoke and promise you “six pack abs in 10 days” or “A J-Lo butt by June.”

To make up for the lack of BS, I provide top-notch, practical advice and motivation that works.

Just ask my lifelong fans.

I have folks who’ve been following me for 20+ years, with phenomenal results. The way some of them fit in their jeans, glow in their skin, or radiate self confidence speaks for itself. But they’ll gladly tell you: I’m great at getting you to make lasting change.

We’re talking habits that keep you looking and feeling incredible, but don’t control your life. If that idea lights you up, you’re going to like it here. (And you are going to love my team of writers and health professionals that make up Get Healthy U.)

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A few personal nuggets:

  • CHrisFamI live in Minneapolis with my husband of 25 years. (I’m into lasting habits!) We have 3 grown kids, ages 23, 21, and 18!
  • I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1987 with a degree in Journalism and a passion for fitness.
  • I have been doing the Motivation Monday segment on KARE 11 NBC in the Twin Cities for over 10 years, spent 10 years on home shopping, and love being on TV and watching TV!
  • I teach 8 live group fitness classes a week to a group of amazing people. We pack the gym at Life Time Fitness and sweat it out together doing all sorts of intense and fun workouts.
(This will help us personalize your experience so that you can get the best advice possible from us!)