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Known for her high energy and entertaining style, Chris Freytag has been inspiring audiences with her message of health and wellness for more 20 years. With a mission to help U get better every day, Chris encourages people to take ownership of their health and fitness. As former Chairman of the Board of the American Council on Exercise and now emeritus member, Chris is in the unique position of being on the forefront of the most trusted fitness organization in the world. Through public outreach, Chris believes we can become a healthier nation, and through personal empowerment, people can make choices to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Chris Freytag is a nationally recognized fitness expert and sought-after speaker. Known for her fitness DVDs and as a regular contributor to Prevention magazine, Chris was named as a top ten fitness influencer by Sharecare.  Chris has appeared nationally in SUCCESS magazine, on The Today Show and as a regular healthy lifestyle guest on QVC. Chris appears weekly on NBC’s Minneapolis/St. Paul affiliate Kare 11 News, in a segment called Motivation Monday.

Displaying the same focus and commitment she brings as a certified fitness trainer, Chris motivates audiences to enhance their lives by incorporating her winning techniques to make significant improvements in their health. Chris’s highly-valued content, filled with actionable tips and insights, along with her warm and engaging personality has put Chris in high demand. She travels across the United States speaking to groups large and small—in corporate settings, at events, schools, universities, and at health care organizations.



While Chris can customize a presentation to meet the needs of your organization, here are some of the topics she regularly covers:

What I Need Most is my Health!

Health is one of those things that people tend to take for granted. Your good health, like a clean house, greatly goes unnoticed. But poor health, in the form of injuries, chronic pain, stress, and disease like high blood pressure, obesity and a slue of other things prevents millions of people from supporting, caring for or expressing themselves effectively.

Discover how to improve your health both physically and mentally.  Find out specific tips and strategies you can use right away to manage and alleviate the stress in your life, have more energy, feel more alive and create more time for you.

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  • Easy tips to a healthier diet.
  • Ways to burn calories and improve fitness levels.
  • Strategies for developing a positive mindset and inspiring yourself and others to better health.
  • When you “have your health”, you can feel better, be productive and live with vitality!


Move to Lose:  A more detailed dive into physical activity.

If you park yourself in a chair all day, you won’t burn much fuel. To burn fat, you need to rev up your engine and keep your motor running as much as possible. We will talk about the 3 components of exercise and how they effect and benefit your body.

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  • Find out why you should plan your exercise … why you should combine cardio and strength training and why you should choose exercises you love.
  • Discover why it’s important to move more throughout your day. Exercise doesn’t give you permission to sit the rest of the day.
  • Plug into your WHY – what motivates you?
  • Understand the benefits of stretching.
  • Get your questions answered about exercise intensity; different types of exercise; how to incorporate exercise into your day; and how to make your workouts work for you.


Eat to Live: A more in depth look at food and why you are what you eat.

More people live to eat than eat to live. If we could collectively shift the mindset toward eating to live, people could enjoy longer, healthier lives. What you feed your (one and only) body has a direct impact on your health. Discover the easy to implement strategies to healthy eating. Here’s just some of what you and your employees will gain from this talk:

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  • Eat the rainbow. How to reduce the additives, preservatives and processed sugar & carbs from your diet and move toward more whole, real foods.
  • Why you don’t have to be deprived to be healthy. The difference between food staples and treats and my 80/20 healthy eating plan. Stay on track and still enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Portion Distortion. Restaurants have it wrong. Here’s how to get it right, even if you go out to eat with coworkers.
  • Count Chemicals – they affect your body as much as calories.
  • Buy in season. Why healthy food doesn’t have to be more expensive.
  • You can be crazy busy and still eat healthy. Time management tips for eating healthy.


Empowering Minds

There’s a saying that if you change how you think, your whole world will change.  Our health goes beyond our bodies—it’s also about what takes place in our minds. What you say to yourself goes far beyond physical health. Your internal dialogue determines everything about you, because what you say on the inside, determines what happens on the outside. In this presentation you will learn strategies to empower your mind.

Being positive is empowering and contributes greatly to your productivity, happiness and ease of mind.  The key to maximizing your energy stores is to fill your tank with positive fuel and minimize the things that suck your tank dry. Let’s explore how to refill your tank from a mental perspective.


We were so fortunate to have Chris Freytag speak at our City. Her dynamic presentation energized everyone. The emails that came in afterward were so exciting, sharing what a wonderful speaker she is and how they had started using the tips and information she provided. Chris delivers the message of living an active and healthy lifestyle in a manner that is impactful and motivates you to want to improve your health no matter what level you are starting at.Lori Kerns, Human Resources, City of Eden Prairie

Chris presented to over 300 New Prague School employees and started a culture of health instantly.  I have never had so  many positive comments about a speaker brought into our school.  Many times in education, administrators bring in educational speakers who reach only a 1/3 or more of our teachers.  Chris on the other hand reached 100% of our staff.  You personalized it to education and that made a tremendous difference.  Our district is raving about the professionalism of the presentation and how Chris was able to individualize her message to all staff.  She gave tips that we all could get started with immediately.Tony Buthe, Director of Educational Services, New Prague Area Schools

The growth and wealth potential of your organization begins with the health of your people. They can’t perform well if they don’t feel well. Top author, speaker and fitness expert Chris Freytag can help you motivate the bodies and empower the minds of your people. Get the competitive advantage in the marketplace by hiring Chris to whip your team into mental and physical shape for high-performance.Darren Hardy, Publisher SUCCESS magazine, New York Times bestselling author The Compound Effect

Chris has been and will continue to be an amazing influencer in our wellness program at Deluxe. She understands how to provide information in a fun, engaging manner that inspires us to want to create new health habits! Chris has had two sessions with our employees so far and the feedback has been phenomenal. If you are looking for a speaker to inspire your employees and provide practical, useful tips, you cannot pass up Chris!Andrea Kroska, Wellness and Benefit Program Consultant, Deluxe Corporation

Chris emceed our Women Connect Spring Legacy brunch at the University of St. Thomas this spring. One month later, alumnae and students and are still remarking about the high level of passion, electric energy and warmth Chris brought to our graduating senior women. Chris is so put together and yet she is humble, authentic, and accessibile. She shared her own career journey and emphasized how much she learned each step along the way. Chris encouraged the young women to be fearless, optimistic and hopeful. She didn’t sugarcoat the bumps and detours of her own career journey, but she made sure that each woman knew that she already possesses the self-confidence necessary to realize their dreams beyond college.Lou Anne Sexton, University of St. Thomas

Chris Freytag really knows how to deliver a powerful message on health and wellness. She shares easy, unique tips to lose weight and get fit, uses relatable life experiences that connect with anyone in the audience, plus she knows how to make people laugh! Our employees were very pleased, and left Chris’ presentation feeling positive, and motivated to make healthier choices in their day-to-day lives.Danielle Johnson, Starkey Hearing Technologies

Chris was an AMAZING keynote speaker!! Her powerful and inspirational message  at our Rasmussen College Leadership breakfast was informative, motivating and just what we were looking for.   We received so many positive comments about her message and the impact  she made on the attendees. She set the tone for the whole event – inspiring.       Patty Sagert, Rasmussen College, Campus Director

Wow, everyone’s morning should start with a pep talk from Chris Freytag. Her “Eat Healthy, Move More, Perform Better” keynote was the perfect opening for our StuartCo Career Development Day. Chris understands what it takes to be the best you can be, and how diet and exercise impacts your success. Her can-do approach was refreshing and energizing!Deb Stachowski, StuartCo, Director of Human Resources

Thank You for presenting at the Working Together Conference. Our attendees loved you! Your session was extremely well-received with excellent evaluations across the board. I really do appreciate your willingness to share your time and expertise with those in our industry and we look forward to bringing you back again soon. Carla Bush, Vice President, MN Multi Housing Association (MHA)

Chris Freytag is engaging and inspiring, and that’s no easy task when you have men and women of all ages and varying lifestyles! She instantly made everyone feel comfortable with her realistic approach to health and wellness. Chris provided practical tips that people can immediately incorporate to make a difference in their lives. Chris offers actionable tips people can realistically do along with the daily battles we all fight. We’ve had Chris Freytag come to speak to our group three times now, and each time we get something more out of it. We look forward to having Chris Freytag back again soon! Jenna Binsfeld, Human Resources Specialist, Bernick’s

It was wonderful- lots of great feedback.  I had one employee in my office this morning that said she really listened to your message and now she wants to train for a manager job.  She said it’s time for her to step out of her comfort zone!Janeen Peterson, School District 196

Chris Freytag brought a message of hope to our employees. She spoke about setting attainable goals and the supportive role co-workers can play when it comes to getting more active and physically fit. She offers practical and useful information.Terry Watts, Program Assistant, Hennepin County Healthworks

At a time when many of us are stressed from the demands of work and family, Chris delivered a uplifting, motivational message. She really showed how even small, incremental changes in diet and exercise can make you feel and work better.Sarah Larson, Senior Director of Operations-
TRC Global Solutions, Inc.

We heard a lot of positive feedback in regards to Chris’ presentation. I overheard a couple of people commenting on the segment regarding the cheeseburger that did not mold. I think that really drove the point home for people. We started going through the surveys and saw that a lot of people liked Chris’ message It’s ok to say No. We also saw that people liked her sense of humor and tips for motivation. I know Chris had a lot of fans in the audience as well!Heather Eidem, Community Relations, New River Medical Center

We heard so many positive comments about Chris. These comments were mentioned several times – energetic, upbeat, engaging, open, friendly, funny, motivational and inspirational. She provided ideas on how to take small steps to lead a healthier life. Thank you for an enlightening and engaging experience!Jackie Mattila, Business Systems Consultant, Wells Fargo

Chris was a keynote speaker at an Allina event titled “Making the connection for healthy, active living. Her engaging, entertaining and motivating style offered attendees practical health tips while challenging them to try incorporating new fitness concepts into their day. Chris ended her presentation with a guided lesson on using a set of resistance bands, which each participant received. Attendees left with more knowledge on how to move more and eat healthier!Susan Nygard, Manager, Community Health Improvement at Allina Hospitals

Chris is a great speaker. Her topic is relevant to everyone and her delivery is absolutely engaging and motivating. It was refreshing to hear practical and efficient solutions to real world problems. The audience took away tips to use both personally and professionally – a true winner.Lori A. Lewandowski, Wells Fargo- Wealth Management Specialist

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