How To Do Balancing Half Moon

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag demonstrating Balancing Half Moon in a blue tank top and yoga pants

Balancing Half Moon is an advance balance pose that improves not only balance but stability, spinal alignment and posture. It strengthens your legs and core and opens your chest and abdomen. If you are ready for a new challenge in your balance practice you should learn how to do Balancing Half Moon.

Balance is always tricky for beginners in yoga. Balancing Half Moon is definitely one of the tricker balance poses to attempt. There are few different ways you can make it more attainable. First, make sure to have a block, stool or chair in front of you. Rather than reaching for the floor, your hand will have a higher place to rest which will make the pose much easier to begin. Another idea is to do Balancing Half Moon against a wall. This will solve the balance issue and allow you to focus more on the proper form and the stretch. Then, once your have the position conquered, you can move away from the wall.

As in any balance pose, contracting your abdominals is key to staying steady and not falling over. Make sure to pull your ab muscles before you begin the pose and then tighten them even more as you begin to reach your arm down. Alignment is one of the tenants of Balancing Half Moon, so practicing with a wall behind you might help establish good habits and teach you the proper way to get into this pose.

Balance is difficult, but it is important for your overall health, wellness and eventually for your independence in old age. So practice it now and reap the results later! You’ll be glad you did.

Here are the steps to practicing Balancing Half Moon:

1) From a standing position, inhale and reach overhead, exhale and fold forward and reach hands to ground shoulder-width apart.

2) Keep hands on ground and lift left leg up straight behind you.

3) Now slowly open left arm up to the sky while turning your torso to face the side, keeping right hand on the floor.

4) Try to “stack” left shoulder over right shoulder and left hip over right hip as you look up and breathe.

5) Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

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