How To Do Bent Knee Toe Touches

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating Ben Knee Toe Touches

Bent Knee Toe Touches is a core body exercise that strengthens your abdominals and teaches your body stability. By teaching your body stability you are providing an important tool to keep you strong and free of injury. If you learn how to do Bent Knee Toe Touches you will also have another move that strengthens your lower back and helps flatten your abs.

The key to this move – or any move where your legs are off the floor – is to keep your imprint. What is your imprint? It is the ability to use your lower abdominal muscle – your rectus abdominus – to gently press your low back into the floor in order to maintain stability while your upper body is flexing and your arms are reaching. With your imprint, you strengthen your abdominals and learn body stability. The body may be moving in one sense, but the middle of the body is still. Keeping your stability is important in so many situations including most physical activity. It is an important skill to learn for the protection and strength of your lower back.

Your transverse abdominus is going to be stronger by practicing Bent Knee Toe Touches. This is the muscle that helps you have a flat belly. It is like a built-in corset. Your rectus abdominus is also going to be stronger by practicing Bent Knee Toe Touches. The rectus abdominus is what most people refer to as their “six-pack”. If you don’t see a “six-pack” but wish to have one, learn to eat clean, burn off some fat with cardio, and do these core body moves like Bent Knee To Touches. Once you strengthen your abs and uncover the fat that is hiding them, you will see that “six-pack” you’ve been looking for.

Try the Bent Knee Toe Touches 2-3 times per week and try our Flat Belly Workout You Can Do On Your Lunch Break.

Here are the steps to performing Bent Knee Toe Touches:

1) Lie on the mat bringing your legs into a tabletop position off the floor and arms resting by side.

2) Tighten abdominals to reach hands toward your shins curling head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Slowly return to start position.  Repeat for desired number of reps.

Targets: core

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