How To Do Chaturanga Push-Up

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrates a Push-Up

Chaturanga Push-Up is strength move taken from yoga that focuses on your upper body and core. The Chaturanga itself is focused on core strength but has a high dose of tricep strength involved as well. Of course the origins of yoga will have you focus on using good breathing during this move to help. If you learn how to do Chaturanga Push-Up you will strengthen your triceps, core, shoulders, upper back and mental stamina!

Before beginning a Chaturanga Push-Up be sure to practice it on a soft mat with your knees on the ground. Most people struggle with this move by letting their belly drop or allowing their arms to press out too far. Form is very important in this move so be sure to keep track of the following:

First, your elbows should hug your side as you are lowering and lifting. Second, your belly muscles must be pulled in tight to keep your back in alignment. Do not let your back sag or belly go down below your chest.

Go very slowly as you lower down and take a big breath in. As you press up, exhale through your mouth and pull your low abs in even tighter. Remember your elbows should point straight back throughout the entire move. Try 8-10 reps if possible and check out our workout 8 Challenging Yoga Poses For Core Strength.

Here are the steps to performing Chaturanga Push-Up:

1) Start in plank position with your arms shoulder width apart. (you can modify by doing a kneeling plank if the full is too challenging) Engage your core and keep your abs tight.

2) Lower your chest to a hover above the mat while hugging your elbows in towards your side body and keep elbows pointing straight back. Press up by straightening arms and return to plank position.

Targets:  chest, arms, shoulders, back, core


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