How To Do Cross Behind Lunge with Bicep Curl

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Cross Behind Lunge with Bicep Curl is a full body exercise that strengthens both legs and arms as well as providing a great cardiovascular benefit. This move is a multi-tasker! Cross Behind Lunge strengthens your quads, glutes and calves and challenges your core body stability and balance.

Adding a bicep curl targets your biceps and increases your heart rate by combining both lower and upper body together. By using multiple muscle groups your heart has to work harder to energize all the muscles being used and you receive a cardio benefit and burn tons of calories.


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    How To Do a Cross Behind Lunge with Bicep Curl

    Follow these simple instructions to master the cross behind lunge with bicep curl and start seeing the physical benefits:

    • Start standing tall with feet shoulder distance apart and dumbbells in hands alongside legs.
    • Cross right foot behind left leg landing on the ball of back foot with both knees bent while simultaneously curling weights up to shoulders.
    • Step right foot back to start position and lengthen arms back down to your side. Repeat on the left foot.

    Targets: quads, flutes, biceps

    Chris Freytag demonstrates a Cross Behind Lunge with Bicep Curl

    If you learn how to do Cross Behind Lunge with Bicep Curl you will have an exercise in your arsenal that you can practice as a stand-alone move or incorporate with other moves for a complete workout.

    Quick Tips on Proper Form

    A few things to keep in mind as you practice this move:

    • Do not turn your body as you cross your leg behind.
    • Keep your hips centered and facing front. By turning your body you risk twisting at your knee and risking injury.
    • Make sure to bend both knees as you lunge. Your back knee should lower down as you step onto your back toes.
    • Keep your abs tight and your spine tall.
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