How To Do Elevated Bicep Curl

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating an Elevated Bicep Curl

Elevated Bicep Curl is a different and challenging way to train your biceps with an added bonus of shoulder strength included. If you learn how to do Elevated Bicep Curl you will learn to go beyond the basic Bicep Curl and discover a move that combines isometric strength with movement of weights making for sculpted, beautiful arms and shoulders!

As you probably know, a traditional bicep curl keeps your arms down by your side and uses the biceps to curl the dumbbells up and your biceps and triceps to lower the weights down. In the Elevated Bicep Curl you start with an isometric strength exercises by holding the dumbbells up before you even get started on the curl. This isometric portion of the exercise stays in place throughout the move. Even if you never add the bicep curl you would be building incredible strength. But then as you curl you weights in and out, you are adding an extra squeeze to the biceps and more overall sculpting and strengthening.

Upper body strength is an important part of the entire strength training picture. Beyond vanity, a strong upper body is important for practical living. It only takes a simple fall to knock someone off their game; especially if you are unable to push your own body weight back up off the ground. Elevated Bicep Curl will train you for a stronger and more capable upper body for all you have to do. Of course, beautiful arms are nice to have as a bonus!

Here are the steps to performing Elevated Bicep Curl:

1) Standing upright, hold dumbbells and extend arms out to sides at shoulder height with palms up, and  slight bend in elbow.

2) Curl dumbbells in towards shoulders, and release with control.

Targets: biceps, shoulders

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