How To Do Extended Side Angle With Bind

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag Demonstrating Extended Side Angle With Bind in a blue tank top and yoga pants


Extended Side Angle With Bind is a standing pose that stretches the lower back and strengthens the legs and the core. This pose is often used in the Warrior series in yoga and is part of a chain of standing poses designed to strengthen the lower body while stretching the hips and opening the upper body. If you are looking for better posture and stronger legs and core, you should learn how to do Extended Side Angle With Bind.

At first glance this pose might look like a contortionist in a circus act. You may think it is impossible for you to do especially if you are very tight. But countless people who thought the same thing have learned how to work their way into mastering this pose and they definitely feel better because of how the pose works. The quad and glute are strengthened as they partner with the core to hold you body in position. In the mean time the hips open in the front and by binding the arms behind the body you eliminate the effects of bad posture and open up the front of the body creating a taller and more lean look overall.

Before trying Extended Side Angle with bind, practice the Extended Side Angle first.  Mastering this pose will allow you to work toward adding the arm wrap around your back. Once you are ready to try adding the bind with the arms, you can first hold a strap or small towel in order to find a connection. Many people do this when they cannot get their hands to come together due to tight shoulders or a tight chest. The binding not only adds the upper body flexibility, but more core and lower body strength as they are required to hold you up without any arm strength.

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Here are the steps to performing Extended Side Angle With Bind:

1) From a standing position, step your left foot to the back of the mat lowering the inside of the foot down and bending the right knee to a 90 degree angle.

2) Place the right hand on the floor next to your right foot and reach your left hand around your back.

3) Engage abdominals and sneak right arm under the right leg connecting with the left hand behind your back.

4) Look upward and relax your neck as you breathe.

5)  Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.


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