How To Do Extended Side Angle – Elbow on Knee

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag demonstrating Extended Side Angle Elbow on Knee

Extended Side Angle Elbow on Knee is a standing pose that stretches the obliques and strengthens the legs and the core. This pose is often used in the Warrior series in yoga and is part of a chain of standing poses designed to strengthen the lower body while stretching the hips and opening the upper body. If you are looking for better posture and stronger legs and core, you should learn how to do Extended Side Angle Elbow on Knee pose.

Standing yoga poses are often a mystery to people when they first begin to practice yoga. When you think of stretching and flexibility, most people picture sitting on the floor and reaching for your feet or contorting your body in different and challenging ways. Don’t dismiss the effectiveness of the standing poses. Poses like Extended Side Angle Elbow on Knee are very effective in opening the hips and stretching the torso- obliques. Using your body weight against gravity is an excellent way to open tight muscles and release connective tissue. In the traditional Extended Side Angle pose you reach your hand all the way to the floor. This is an excellent stretch, however not possible for everyone due to an inflexible spine or tight hips. Resting your elbow on your knee eases up a bit on the stretch and allows you to rest as much or as little weight on your knee as you wish. Once you are able to complete this stretch with elbow on knee you can begin to reach your hand to the ground for a deeper stretch.

The muscles that surround the mid-section can become tight before you even know it. Often they show themselves in a sore lower back, poor posture or tight shoulders. These standing yoga poses, such as Extended Side Angle Elbow on Knee, help you to lengthen the entire torso, especially stretching at the waistline. This can help you to stand taller and look leaner.

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Here are the steps to performing Extended Side Angle Elbow on Knee:

1) From a standing position step left foot to the back of the mat and lower the inside of the foot down to an angle.

2) Bend front knee to a 90 degree angle

3) Place right forearm on the bent right knee and reach the left arm over left ear toward the front of the room.

4) Look upward and breath, keeping left shoulder stacked over right shoulder.

5) Hold 30 seconds and switch sides.

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