How To Do Forward Fold

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag demonstrating a forward fold in a blue tank top and you pants


Forward Fold is a basic yoga pose that stretches the lower back and hamstrings. Anyone can learn how to do Forward Fold. Even those of you who have never been able to touch the floor can take steps to get you closer to a full forward fold. If you one of those people who says “I’m too tight to do yoga”, then Forward Fold is the perfect pose for you. The truth is that if you are extra tight – especially in your lower back or hamstrings – yoga is the solution to make you more flexible and to help you feel better.

Start by standing in front of a chair, low stool or even a step. As your body begins to descend in the Forward Fold, keep your abdominals engaged and place your hands on the object in front of you. Spend some time in this position and breathe. As you exhale with each breath, release any tension you have stored up in your body. After several times practicing with the object in front of you, try moving to an object that is even lower to the ground until eventually you are able to reach for the floor. Even if you have to bend your knees slightly, you will still receive many benefits from Forward Fold.

If you decide to try a yoga practice in a class or perhaps one of our GHU TV Videos like Yoga Flowetry, you will find that Forward Fold is repeated over and over. That is because the benefits are so great! So learn and enjoy!
Here are the steps to learning Forward Fold:

1) With knees soft, reach hands toward feet and hold onto your ankles or calves.

2) Relax the back of your neck as you place your nose close to your knees.

3) Breath gently in and out through your nose

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