How To Do Globe Hops

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating Globe HopsGlobe Hops are a dynamic cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the lower body and gets your heart rate up. This is a fun cardio drill because you probably haven’t done it before and it involves a very simple jumping pattern of North, South, East, West, so it keeps your brain engaged as you go.

Learning how to do Globe Hops is a great way to incorporate a cardio interval into any preexisting routine. It requires only your own bodyweight and very little space, so you can do them anywhere—even in a hotel room on the go!

This exercise is type of functional fitness, meaning you’re moving in a way that’s applicable to everyday life and engaging multiple muscle groups at one time. This is how you stay strong, fit and avoid injury beyond the gym! Globe Hops are often found in a similar form in high intensity workouts, so you know that it’s also going to help boost your metabolism, promote weight loss and strengthen lower body muscles.

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Here are the steps to performing Globe Hops:

A) Start standing with feet a few inches apart and arms in guard position at the chest, feet together and knees slightly bent.

B) Keeping feet and thighs together, jump forward, then back, then right, then left –  like directions on a globe: N, S, E, W.   Continue jumping NSEW then switch directions half way through to  N,S,W,E or front, back, left, right for the second half.  Knees stay bent throughout.


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