How To Do Glute Squeeze

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a Glute Squeeze

The Glute Squeeze is an exercise that will strengthen and tone your legs and glutes, build stability in your core, and help you tone your booty for a more firm back side! You will need a step, or low bench to perform this exercise. You can also practice it at home using the bottom step of your staircase. If you learn how to do Glute Squeeze, BOTH legs and glutes will experience strength from this move. The focus will be on the leg in back that squeezes and lifts. However, the leg that you stand on will also be getting stronger as it lifts and holds you up during the movement. The Glute Squeeze will also teach you balance and core stability. By balancing on one leg, your body is rehearsing for balance when you might need it in the future. In addition, you will want to be sure to pull your abs in tight for two reasons. First, it will protect your low back from arching and experiencing soreness later. Second, it will help you with balance.

If you learn how to do Glute Squeeze you will have an exercise beyond lunges and squats that helps firm your booty and tighten your rear end! As you lift and lower your back leg, be sure to originate the movement at your glute. In other words, squeeze your butt! This is the best way to know you are activating the glute muscle as you should be. It is often difficult for many people to get their glute muscle to fire – or activate. The same goes true for the leg on the step or bench. Be sure to press yourself up using your heel, which will transfer to your glute on that side.

Try performing Glute Squeeze a couple times a week or mix it up with regular lunges and squats for a well-rounded lower body routine.

These are the steps to performing Glute Squeeze

1) Stand behind step right right foot resting on top.

2) Press into the right foot and lift the back leg straight behind you squeezing the glute.

3) Return left leg to floor and repeat for desired number of reps.  Switch sides.

Targets: glutes, hamstrings

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