How To Do Lying Big Toe Stretch Side

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag demonstrating Lying Big Toe Stretch Side

Lying Big Toe Stretch Side is one of the best ways to open up tight groin or hamstring areas. This pose is an intense way to relieve soreness or pain you might have around the hips and lower back area as well. If these areas are giving you trouble you should learn how to do Lying Big Toe Stretch Side. While there are many yoga poses done from a standing or seated position that will stretch these areas, this pose is unique because you perform the position lying on your back. One of the advantages to this is that you are not using any forward flexion or movement in your spine. Often this can detract from the stretch that you are intending to do. By keeping your torso flat on the floor, the hamstring and groin are able to stay at the center of attention and the stretch will be isolated to those specific spots.

One important element for making the most out of this pose is to keep your torso flat on the floor as you open your leg to the side. It is common and easy to tip over ever so slightly as the weight of the leg turns out. Do your best to keep the entire back flat on the floor and chest and hips facing the sky. Don’t expect your pose to look like the photos you see (including ours), rather, pay attention to how you feel as you stretch. Continue to breath slowly in and out to help your tolerate any discomfort you feel in the areas you are trying to stretch. Discomfort is okay; pain is not. In addition, if the stretch is so uncomfortable that you can’t breathe in and out, release slightly so that you are able to breathe again.

1) Begin lying flat on your back with legs long and arms by side

2) Raise your right leg up, bending the knee enough to grab your big toe with middle and index fingers of the right hand.

3) Holding your toe, gently lengthen your right leg straight up in the air and then slowly lower it down on your right side until leg is perpendicular to body.

4) Breathe and hold 30 seconds. Switch sides.

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