How To Do Mid-Back Extension

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating aMid-Back Extension

Mid-Back Extension strengthens the muscles of the upper back and core and opens up the chest to promote good posture. Mid-Back Extension is a panacea to the constant forward bending that our body is under. Sitting over a computer, sitting over a steering wheel, hunching over a phone – all of these activities promote a tight chest, weak upper back and bad posture. If you learn how to do Mid-Back Extension you can promote better posture and strengthen your upper back while stretching the front of your body.

If you regularly perform the Mid-Back Extension, you will notice a change in your posture and you will stand taller and more confident with a stretch through your chest and stronger upper back muscles.

A few things to think about when you try performing Mid-Back Extension. First, make sure you don’t let your head completely fall back. Look upward and lift the front of your chest rather than your chin. Use the upper back muscles to do the lifting and your abdominals to support your lower back from arching.

No matter whether you practice yoga or not, Cobra pose is something you should use for a stronger back and better posture. Use this pose in conjunction with our workout 12 Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Back Pain.

Mid-Back Extension is a great exercise to do on its own or as a part of a complete workout like our routine 4 Moves For A Stronger Low Back.

Here are the steps to performing Mid-Back Extension:

1) Start lying face down on mat. Lift abs away from mat to engage them and slide the shoulders down the back. The head is lifted in a low hover. Your body is one long line.

2) Using your back muscles and core, lift the chest away from the mat into extension as you exhale. Think of lengthening from the crown of the head.

3) Inhale and return back down to the mat slowly getting longer through the spine as you return.

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Targets: back, core

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