How To Do Modified Three-Point Push-Up

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a 3 Point Push-Up

Modified Three Point Push-Up is strength move that focuses on your upper body including chest, arms, back and shoulders. It’s also a great core body move that strengthens your abs, lower back and enhances balance.

Before beginning a Modified Three Point Push-Up be sure to practice a regular kneeling push up so that you can ensure good form. Once you can do at least 10-12 proper kneeling push ups, you are ready to learn how to do a Three Point Push-Up. In fact, the only difference between a traditional kneeling push-up and a Modified Three Point Push-Up is he raising of one leg extended behind you. What’s the purpose of this? Not only does it add a bit more challenge to your upper body by taking the help of one leg away, but it also adds balance challenge by shifting more weight to one side of your body. This will add more core strength to the exercise and it will also rely on your obliques to keep the body even.

Push-Ups of all kinds are excellent ways to train your upper body and core. You should try different varieties of push-ups to keep your body guessing and adding strength to different areas of your upper body. Push-Up Punch is a great example of something familiar with an added twist! It’s a good idea to practice the Modified Three Point Push-Up on a soft mat with your knees on the ground.

Try Modified Three-Point Push-Up as part of your regular workout routine. In addition, check out our workout 15 Push-Up Variations You’re Going to Want To Try.

Here are the steps to performing the Three Point Push-Up:

1) Begin kneeling on all fours and then lift your left leg straight behind you.

2) Hold you left leg straight behind you as you bend your arms to lower yourself into a low push-up position.  Straighten your arms pressing up to start position.  Repeat several times and switch legs.

Targets: chest, arms, shoulders, back, core, hamstrings

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