How To Do A Push-Up Punch

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrates a Push-Up Punch


We all know push-ups are a great way to work your upper body, and can be a great test of your upper body strength as well! But once you’ve mastered a regular push up, it might be time to add in some fun variations to add a little extra challenge! We love the Push Up Punch because it works your shoulders, triceps, biceps, core, and back all at once and the best part is you don’t need any extra equipment! Regular Push Ups are great, but sometimes they get boring! Adding in a punch adds a little extra oomph to a basic push up and boosts your arm workout because one arm will be supporting your weight while the other reaches out for a punch! In no time you’ll be feeling strong and powerful, like a real boxer! If you’ve never done a Push Up Punch, follow our tips and learn how to do a Push Up Punch! It’s always important to follow proper form when performing an exercise to avoid injury. Keep your gaze straight ahead, about 6 inches in front of your hands to keep your neck and spine in a straight line- you should have an imaginary line running straight down your body starting at the top of your head and ending at your feet. Also remember to drop those elbows all the way down to 90 degrees! Don’t sell yourself short by only dropping part way down- get those elbows to a right angle and you’ll feel the burn and pretty soon the results will follow! When you lift up and punch forward, try not to let your body stray from a straight position- it can be challenging but keep that core flexed and it will help to keep you stable! Perform as many reps as you can and before you know it you’re on your way to toned shoulders and arms, and rockin’ abs too!


1) Begin in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists, your feet together, and your body in a straight line.

2) Keeping your body straight, bend your arms to lower your body toward the floor.

3) Straighten your arms to push your body back up into plank position as you punch your right arm forward.  Return your hand to the floor, lower back to the bottom of your push-up and repeat punching with left arm.

Targets: chest, arms, shoulders, back, core

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