How To Do A Shoulder Front Raise

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a Shoulder Front Raise



The Shoulder Front Raise is a move that uses weights to strengthen the anterior deltoid or front shoulder.

Everyone wants toned shoulders and arms, especially during the summertime – aka tank top season! Follow our two simple steps to learn how to do a Shoulder Front Raise and add this to your strength routine. Before you know it, you’ll have sculpted and sexy arms! Grab a set of dumbbells, or something else from around the house like soup cans and you’re ready for a killer shoulder and arm workout! Your core even gets a little boost in this exercise too because it works to stabilize your body as you lift and lower the weights. It may be tempting to let those weights swing back and forth, but resist the urge to let momentum do the work and instead focus on slowly lifting and lowering the weights while your core stays tight.

Your shoulder muscles, also known as deltoids, actually have three parts- front, side, and rear deltoid. In order to get that sculpted look you want, you’ll need to work all 3 parts. This exercise is a great one for the front deltoid, but add in a shoulder overhead press to work the back and a lateral raise to work the sides so you’re working the whole muscle group! Keep your core engaged as your raise and lower your arms and avoid using momentum to swing the weights. Keeping your core tight and your movement deliberate and controlled will ensure you get maximum results. You only need to lift your arm to shoulder height, then slowly lower back down.


Here are the steps to learn how to do a Shoulder Front Raise:

1) Stand with feet together dumbbells resting in front of thighs keeping abdominals tight, and drawing your shoulders down in the back.

2) Lift dumbbells slowly to shoulder height slowly and return back down with control. Avoid swinging or using momentum.

Targets: shoulders, biceps, core


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