How To Do Shoulder T

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytagt demonstrates a Shoulder T

Shoulder T is an upper body exercise that uses light weights to strengthen your shoulders and move them through a range of motion to stabilize the rotator cuff. The Shoulder T should be done very slowly and with control in order to keep the shoulder from getting injured. Start with lighter weights until you gain confidence in your strength and ability. It is easy to rush the move and lose your form.

When you learn how to do Shoulder T, raise your arms slowly in front of your body with palms down. Then slowly open arms wide and lower with control until arms are along the side of the body. Now return in the opposite direction. Raise the arms slowly out to the sides of you body until they are at shoulder height, then pull them in front of your and lower them down with control.

One thing to understand with this exercise is that the lifting and lowering of the weights will strengthen and sculpt your shoulder muscles. However, the drawing inward and opening up of the arms is what tackles the rotator cuff. Maybe this doesn’t appeal to you initially because it is not as visible as a beautiful, shapely shoulder. But for longevity and shoulder health, you will appreciate this move. The shoulder is a very mobile joint because there is so much connective tissue that attaches it. The Shoulder T gives you a way to strengthen this tissue and put it through range of motion in a safe, careful way. Try to incorporate Shoulder T into your workout routine and try our 7 Moves to Sculpt Your Back and Shoulders.

Here are the steps to performing Shoulder T:

1) Starting with feet together and dumbbells at sides with palms facing in.

2) Engage abs and lift dumbbells in front of body to shoulder height. Open arms out to sides rotating dumbbells parallel to the floor.

3) Slowly lower dumbbells down to sides and then return to the front of the body. Repeat.

Targets: shoulders, back, core

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