How To Do Shoulder Tap Push-Up On Knees

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a Shoulder Tap Push-Up On Knees

Push-Ups are an intense way to work your arms, chest, back and core, which makes them a great addition to any workout to help torch calories and tighten those muscles! On the other hand, as you learn push-ups, form is crucial and when you first start a regular push-up they might be too difficult to do with proper form. That’s why we have modifications! If you can learn how to do Shoulder Tap Push-Up On Knees you will allow your body to learn proper push-up form and graduate to a full push-up on toes in no time!

This move is a modification and variation on a traditional push-up, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Regular push ups definitely give your shoulders a little burn, but this variation really takes it up a notch! Learn how to do a Shoulder Tap Push Up with our 3 simple steps and soon you’ll be burning up calories as you work your biceps, triceps, chest, abs, back and shoulders!

Your body may want to sway side to side as you lift and lower, but keep that core tight and resist the urge to let your hips move! This ensures you aren’t twisting your back in a way that could cause injury or be uncomfortable, and keeps your core engaged so you get the added benefit of an abdominal workout! Just like with a regular push up, do your best to keep your body in a straight line and not let your butt go too high or too low as you perform this exercise! Once you master the Shoulder Tap Push Up On Knees, move up to the regular Shoulder Tap Push Up to keep on challenging your body! For more help, try our blog How To Do More Push-Ups.

Here are the steps to learn how to do Shoulder Tap Push Up On Knees:

1) Start in a kneeling plank position with hands on ground below shoulders and back extended long to the knees.

2) Lower chest to floor keeping abs tight. As you push back up to kneeling plank tap right hand on left shoulder then set it down.

3) Repeat the push up but as you rise tap left hand on right shoulder.  Keep abs tight throughout and avoid the torso “tipping” to the side as you tap.

Targets: arms, chest, back, shoulders, core

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