How To Do Spiderman Abs

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating Spiderman Abs


Spiderman Abs is a core body exercise that strengthens all abdominal muscles with a special focus on your obliques. Any exercise named after Spiderman has to be good, doesn’t it? Spiderman Abs is named because of the way you move during this exercise. With your hands planted firmly on the ground, your knees are “crawling” one at a time toward the elbow on the same side, thus making a “Spiderman” feel the way he climbs buildings. Don’t let the fun fool you. If you want great abs, you need to learn how to do Spiderman Abs.

The truth is that Spiderman Abs is one great variation of a Plank. In essence you hold your body in plank position the entire time. The difference comes in the movement of the knees to the elbows. This is where your obliques get a kick in the butt! By squeezing your waistline to draw the knee forward you really feel the obliques at work. In the meantime your transverse abdominus is working like crazy to hold you stable in your plank. You know what this means? A flat belly! The transverse abdominus pulls your belly in like you are wearing a corset. This is a must-do move for those wanting great abs! Also try our workout 6 Plank Variations for Awesome Abs.

Here are the steps to performing Spiderman Abs:

1) Start in a plank position with hands on mat slightly wider than shoulders, legs long behind you and abdominals and glutes squeezed tight.

2)  Pull the left knee toward the outside of your left elbow and hold for one count. Return to the starting and repeat on right side.

Targets: shoulders, core, back

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