How To Do Stability Ball Feet-Hand Pass Off

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating the feet hand off exercise using a stability ball wearing black yoga pants.

Stability Ball Feet-Hand Pass Off is a unique way to strengthen your core muscles while stretching your hamstrings and back muscles at the same time. In this exercise you pass the stability ball back and forth between your hands and feet, which causes you to both flex and stabilize your abdominal muscles. While doing so, your legs get a great hamstring stretch and your back does the same. If you learn how to do Stability Ball Feet-Hand Pass Off you will feel your abs the next day!

When it comes to having flat abs or a strong core, there are many abdominal exercises available to try. Crunches are great! Planks are the best! But this Stability Ball Feet-Hand Pass Off is unique in the way you move. It is a great combination of flexion and stabilization. The flexion occurs when your lift your upper body to pass the ball to the feet. The stabilization occurs the entire time because you are forced to keep your low back pressed into the floor by using your transverse abdominus. The ball doesn’t weigh much, but if this move is too much you can always eliminate the ball at first until you learn the hand to foot motion.

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Here are the steps to performing Stability Ball Feet-Hand Pass Off:

1) Start on your back with a stability ball held between your hands straight up over chest and legs straight up over hips.

2) Slowly lower arms behind head and legs toward floor until you are in a V-shape. Tighten abs to keep low back pressed into the floor.

3) Pull hands and feet back to start and pass ball to your feet. Lower to a V again and return to start passing back to hands.

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Targets: core

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