How To Do Stability Ball Side Leg Lift

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a side leg lift with a stability ball

Stability Ball Side Leg Lift is an exercise that strengthens the legs, specifically the outer thighs, as well as stabilizing the core. Using the stability ball is a great way to force the body to use balance techniques including pulling in your abdominals and squeezing your glutes.

When you learn how to do Stability Ball Side Leg Lift you are training your body to stay stable while on an unstable surface. That is a great challenge and a very functional thing to learn. Balance and stability are important for everyone, especially as we get older and want to maintain our independence. In order to avoid wobbling back and forth or falling off the ball, it is important to pull you low abdominal muscles in and squeeze your glutes. This makes for some great core training. In addition, the leg lift and lower will tighten your outer thighs and strengthen the hip abductors.

The stability ball is an excellent tool for core training as well as legs and arms. Be sure to choose a ball according to your size. The taller and bigger you are, the bigger the ball should be.

Here are the steps to performing Stability Ball Side Leg Lift:

1) Begin kneeling with the ball to your right side.

2) Let your right side lean slightly on the ball and hug right arm around the ball.

3) Extend left leg long to the side. Right leg should remain bent on the floor.

4) Slowly lift and lower left leg.

Targets: legs, core


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