How To Do A Surfer Squat

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris freytag demonstrating a surfer squat wearing a workout top and pants.

You don’t have to be a surfer to get amazing benefits from this plyometric exercise. Surfer squats fire up the same muscles as a regular squat—quads, glutes, core and lower back—but add an additional level of intensity by adding a 180 degree jump. The jump increases the cardio activity in a squat, so you’re not only toning muscle, but burning calories too! Learning how to do a surfer squat is a fun way to increase lower body strength while also firing up your metabolism!

Why is the surfer squat so effective? Not only are standard squats one of the best ways to build strength in the lower body and prevent injury, but adding plyometrics to the mix makes the surfer squat a high intensity exercise. Meaning, full effort is needed to explode through the jump-turn movement. Needless to say, surfer squats are effective! So long as you don’t have knee pain, this exercise is safe to do with any level of fitness experience.

Before you get started, refresh your memory on how to do a proper squat. Remember: Feet should be shoulder width apart, chest should be lifted, abs should be tight, seat should be back, shoulders should be away from ears and your knees should not track over your toes. These tips will help you get the most effective workout!

Here are the steps to doing a Surfer Squat:

1) Start in a squat position with body facing the side of the room but eyes looking forward.

2) Jump a full 180 degrees and land in a squat so that body is now facing the other side of the room. Keep eyes forward.

3) Continue to make 180 degree jump-turns with eyes looking forward and body staying in squat position.

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