How To Do Toe Touch with Hands Behind Head

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating Toe Touch with Hands Behind Head

Toe Touches with Hands Behind Head is an exercise that focuses on strengthening your abs, especially the rectus abdominus muscle. The rectus abdominus is the abdominal muscle that is most prominent in most people. It runs up the center of your belly and is known as the “Six-Pack”. It is the muscle used during crunches making it a very popular place to focus.

However, if you learn how to do Toe Touches With Hands Behind Head you’ll be surprised at how much more intensely you feel your rectus abdominus.

During the Toe Touches With Hands Behind Head you extend your legs straight up in the air and tighten the lower abdominals, or transverse abdominus. This will keep you stable as you perform the lifting of the upper body. Your hands are behind your head to support the weight of your head, but be careful not to pull on your head as you work through the exercise. Do the work from the belly.

It is important to include planks in your core workout moves. By combining Toe Touches with Hands Behind Head and planks you will get a 1-2- punch of core work. Moving between the two is an amazing core workout that will leave your feeling your belly like crazy!

Keep in mind that abdominal exercises are important for a flat tummy but so is your eating plan. Make sure to eat clean and keep doing your cardio exercise in addition to the core strength moves like the V-Ups.


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    How to do Toe Touches With Hands Behind Head

    1) Start on back with legs long reaching towards the ceiling. Place hands at the base of the head and point elbows out to the side.

    2) Bring the head, neck, and shoulders off the mat reaching the chest up and in towards the knees. Return to the tips of the shoulders and repeat.

    Targets: core, back

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