How To Do Crow Pose With Straight Arms

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chloe Freytag demonstrating Crow Post with Straight Arms in a black tank top and yoga pants

Crow pose is a challenging arm balance posture that engages not only a great deal of upper body strength but a ton of core strength as well. Crow pose with straight arms is even more of a challenge not only to your arms, but also your shoulders and core. If you learn how to do crow pose with straight arms, you will definitely have something to show off in your next yoga class!

The crow pose with straight arms is a fairly advanced pose. Before you attempt to learn it, try to learn the tripod pose first and then move on to the traditional crow pose. Once you are confident in both of those, the crow pose with straight arms is just one step away.

What makes this pose more challenging? The bent elbows of the traditional crow pose provide a “shelf” to place your triceps on. In the straight arm crow pose, you have to practice more resistance with your legs, arms and core. It is truly a pose that requires full body strength using an isometric hold.

If you want to get great shoulders and triceps, crow pose with straight arms is for you. If you are looking for new ways to enhance your core strength, crow pose with straight arms is definitely for you. Maybe you are a yogi who needs a kickbutt challenge. If so, this pose is the one that will answer that call! Crow pose also a great way to practice using your yoga breathing while your body is under great challenge and distress. Be patient and take this pose one step at a time. Be prepared to fall over and, if you do, just try it again! Practice is good for the soul!

1) Begin on feet, crouched down with tailbone between ankles and hands in prayer at chest.

2) Fan hands open and place them flat on floor in front of toes.

3) Squeeze inner thighs against the back of your arms, tighten abdominals and begin tipping your weight forward so shoulders are over hands.

4) Continue squeezing inner thighs and abdominals while lifting feet off the floor to balance. Straighten arms.

5) Hold and breathe for 30 seconds.

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