How To Do Diamond Jacks

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating Diamond Jacks

 Diamond Jacks are plyometric moves that strengthen your lower body and raise your heart rate for a high calorie burn. Try Diamond Jacks for a new twist on the classic Jumping Jack. Like the Jumping Jacks, this exercise tones your legs, burns calories, gets your heart pumping and improves your balance and agility. You will also be strengthening your lower body, especially the quads, glutes and calves. But make not mistake- these are much more than Jumping Jacks. The plyometric nature of the Diamond Jack will max your heart rate and get you breathless in no time.

Learning how to do Diamond Jacks and incorporating them into your existing routine is a great tool to lose weight and tone your lower body. Because this exercise is both plyometric and high-intensity, it is often found in high intensity workouts such as tabata intervals or HIIT workouts because it’s so effective at working the whole body and boosting the metabolism. It won’t take very many of these Diamond Jacks to get your heart rate up and your breathing intensified!

If you struggle with bad knees, we recommend making sure plyometric are safe to try before you begin. High-impact exercises can be tough on the joints. Always make sure you’re jumping on a hard, flat surface and wearing sneakers!

Looking for a way to incorporate Diamond Jacks into a more robust routine? Try our 10-Minute Workout to Blast Fat. This routine has one four moves that are all high-intensity. There is no equipment needed and, best yet, hardly any of your precious time is required. Try this workout in the morning to get your metabolism crushing calories all day long!
Here are the steps to performing Diamond Jacks:

A) Start with legs wider than shoulder distance apart, turn the toes out, and bend knees in a wide plié position. The hands rest in front of the chest with one hand cupping a fist.

B) Using your lower body muscles jump up touching heels together and land in your starting position. When touching the heels think of squeezing your inner thighs.


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