How To Do Jumping Jacks

Chris Freytag demonstrates Jumping JacksJumping Jacks is a basic exercise that’s been around for as long as you and I! It’s a simple, easy to do move but a great way to get in cardio anywhere and anytime! This is a calisthenics workout, which means it’s great for cardiovascular health and boosting your metabolism. Getting your heart rate up is the number one way to burn fat, and learning how to do Jumping Jacks is a great total-body exercise for accomplishing that very thing!

The CDC recommends at least 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise. Try doing jumping jacks—or alternating jumping jacks with lateral shuffles or running in place—11 minutes a day to meet this goal! Mix up your arm movement. Do 20 with regular arms, then 20 circling your arms like a backstroke, then 20 punching upward. Small changes can make the workout go faster.

Just like they look, Jumping Jacks engage every large muscle group in your body, especially when you keep your core engaged to fire up the abdominal and back muscles. You won’t just be burning fat—you’ll be toning muscle too! Just be sure to keep a brisk pace to maintain the aerobic benefits of this exercise!

Looking for a way to incorporate jumping jacks into a more robust routine? Try this 10-Minute Beginner Tabata Workout, which is easy to squeeze in anytime and anywhere because it includes only bodyweight exercises. To keep Jumping Jacks interesting, swap in a cross jack, Diamond Jack or a Squat in between to keep yourself engaged!

Here are the steps to performing a Jumping Jack (in case you really need them!):

A) Start standing with a slight bend in  knees and hands resting on thighs.

B) Keeping the knees bent open the arms and legs out to the sides. Arms come above the head and legs wider than shoulders, then close returning to you start.

Targets: hamstrings, shoulders, chest


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