How To Do Squat Jumps

Chris Freytag demonstrates Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps are a powerful, plyometric exercise that strengthens your entire lower body and increases your heart rate for a significant calorie burn. Squat Jumps target quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves while also toning the ab and back muscles. During squat jumps you are forced to balance your body weight, which results in a stronger core from the intensified muscle stabilization. In addition, squat jumps allow for better posture. Anyone who works an office and spends long periods of time sitting at a desk should learn how to do squat jumps nor only to burn loads of calories fast, but also to help with his or her posture.

Traditional squats have been taught and highly emphasized for toning the butt and the legs, however, the incorporation of the jump allows for extra strength and muscle density plus gives you the maximum heart rate for a high volume of calorie burn leading to fat loss. Squat jumps are a plyometric exercise. Plyometrics are powerful moves that are an effective way to burn calories at a faster rate. This makes squat jumps a great exercise if you are trying to focus on lower body strength and weight loss.


To learn how to perfect your squat jump read Get Healthy U’s how to do squat jump instructions below. To learn about more squat variations to incorporate into your daily workout click here.

Here are the steps to performing Squat Jumps:

1) Start standing with feet hip distance apart and lower into a squat position by bending the knees. Keep the spine straight, chest lifted, and knees behind toes. Arms are in front of the chest for balance.

2) Jump straight up and swing arms overhead. Return to squat.

Targets: glutes, hamstrings


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