How To Do Power Skips

Chris Freytag demonstrates Power Skips

Learning how to do a Power Skip will strengthen every major muscle group in the body: glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, hips, core and shoulders. Needless to say, this strengthening exercise is also a great cardio boost to get your blood pumping and metabolism burning! The key for turning a fun skip into a killer workout is to do with it purpose. Instead of a playground-style skip which is light and fun, you want to make a big, bounding motion so as to lift as high as possible. This is where you will get your major cardio on! At it’s essence this move is a plyometric!

In order to get these benefits you need to Power Skip with your full momentum in order to propel yourself explosively into each new skip. You should be briefly airborne with each knee lift. Before you get started, here are some quick tips to perfect your Power Skip: the ball of your foot should hit the ground first; hips should be fully extended when your foot hits the ground; engage your glutes for optimal power; and use your arms to carry you through each skip—this will work your shoulders!

Need more reasons to try a power skip? 1) It’s free. 2) You can do them anywhere. 3) All fitness levels can do this, just adjust your pace. 4) It improves flexibility. 5) It improves coordination and balance. 6) It increases muscle tone, especially in the lower body. 7) It’s a calorie burner. 8) It’s fun! Add this exercise to a more robust HIIT interval routine for a killer fat burning workout!

Here are the steps to performing Power Skips:

A) Start standing with feet hip distance apart.

B) Lift right knee and spring up off your left foot, hopping into the air. Switch. Continue in a “skipping” motion in place for desired amount of time.

Targets: glutes, hamstrings

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