How To Do Foot Fire

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrates Foot FireLearning how to do Foot Fire will help you to burn fat, increase leg strength and agility, and get your heart rate up. This exercise is commonly used as a warm-up because the objective is to move your feet as fast as you can (which is why Foot Fire is sometimes referred to as quick feet or fast feet). It’s a super accessible exercise because you don’t need much space and it requires only your bodyweight to get the job done!

Foot Fire is a great cardio exercise to promote efficiency and agility for a person at any level of fitness. This is great for cardiovascular health, weight loss and athleticism. And bonus: you are going to have great calves! Foot fire is one of the few exercises that will make your calves burn and shape them up in no time! And if weight loss is your goal, consider adding more cardio exercises like Foot Fire into your preexisting routine. This move is not just for warm-ups. You can turn a simple Foot Fire into a high intensity workout by adding a burpee every 15 seconds. If a burpee doesn’t work for you, add a squat jump every 15 seconds instead. Be creative! Basic athletic moves like Foot Fire lend themselves to a myriad of different workouts! When performing the Foot Fires make sure to engage your core a bit in order to stay balanced and steady. Be sure to wear sneakers, as the constant up and down contact on the balls of your feet can get tiresome.

Here are the steps to performing Foot Fire:

A) Start standing with arms at the chest and hands in fists.

B) Alternate running fast in place between your two feet.  Stay on the balls of your feet and keep feet low to the ground moving as fast as possible. Run for desired amount of time.


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