How To Do Glute Kicker

By: Chris Freytag, CPT


Chris Freytag demonstrating a Glute Kicker



The Glute Kicker is an exercise that will strengthen and tone your glutes, build stability in your core, and help you tone your booty for a more firm back side! This version of Glute Kicker is done kneeling on all fours. Be sure to have a soft surface such as a mat to perform this move on. Don’t choose one that is too thick, however, or you may have trouble balancing. If there is nothing available but a hard floor, you can fold a towel or sweatshirt and place it beneath your knee caps to provide a softer surface.

If you learn how to do Glute Kicker, you will have an exercise beyond lunges and squats that helps firm your booty and tighten your rear end! One very important tip to keep in mind when practicing Glute Kicker is to keep your abs pulled in very, very tight. By keeping your abs tight you avoid letting your low back sag, which could lead to lower back pain. In addition, the method of pulling your abs in will also train your core for better stability. Pulling in your abdominals, no matter what position you are in, is good practice for the core. Often referred to as the imprint, draw your belly button to your spine and keep it drawn in as you perform this exercise.

As you press your heel upward, be sure to originate the movement at your glute. In other words, squeeze your butt! This is the best way to know you are activating the glute muscle as you should be. It is often difficult for many people to get their glute muscle to fire – or activate.

Try performing Glute Kicker a couple times a week or mix it up with regular lunges and squats for a well-rounded lower body routine.

These are the steps to performing Glute Kicker:

1) Kneel in all fours and bring right knee off mat mat holding right heel above knee with foot flexed.

2) Squeeze right glute and press right towards the ceiling.  Release slightly down and squeeze up again.  Repeat for desired number of reps then switch sides.

3) Keep abs tight throughout.

Targets: glutes, hamstrings

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