How To Do Medicine Ball Ab Roll-Up Toss

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

  Chris Freytag demonstrating Ab Roll Up Toss in a black tank top holding a black medicine ball

Medicine Ball Ab Roll Up Toss is a core body strength move that activates your shoulders and chest in addition to strengthening you abs. The continuous movement of this exercise will also get your heart rate up and help burn a few more calories than you would in just an ab crunch alone. Practice this move without the ball at first and concentrate on relaxing your legs and hip flexors. Then add a light medicine ball to see how your body adapts. Once you feel confident in your strength you can add a heavier ball. If you learn how to do a Medicine Ball Ab Roll Up Toss, you not only activate your entire rectus abdominus and transversus abdominal wall, but the toss of the ball strengthens your chest and shoulder muscles as well. This is an awesome multi-tasking move that will leave you breathing heavy and burning calories!

There are so many more options for strengthening your core than there were years ago. At one time you would see people doing hundreds of crunches trying to flatten their tummy. We have since learned there are more effective ways to accomplish that goal in a much shorter period of time. This move is among those! Plus, with the added upper body strength, you will accomplish multiple things in one awesome move!

The Medicine Ball is a fun way to shake up your regular strength training routine. The ball gives you more options than regular dumbbells like the Medicine Ball Slam or the Rolling Push-Up. Choosing the ball depends on the workout you are doing. For slamming and tossing you might be able to use something heavier. For this Medicine Ball Roll Up you might want to use a medium to lighter ball.

Try this exercise and other awesome core moves in our workout 8 Medicine Ball Moves to Sculpt Your Core.

Here are the steps to performing Medicine Ball Ab Roll Up Toss:

1) Lay on your back with knees bent, feet on floor and hold medicine ball at chest.

2) Pulling abdominals in, roll your upper body up off the ground and toss the ball when you reach seated position.

3) Catch the ball and immediately begin to lower slowly back down.

4) If you struggle rolling up, hold the medicine ball out farther in front of you.

Targets: core, shoulders, chest

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