How To Do Medicine Ball Chest Press

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating Medicine Ball Chest Press in a black tank top using a black medicine ball


Medicine Ball Chest Press is an upper body exercise the uses the medicine ball to strengthen chest, shoulder and core muscles. The pressing motion activates the chest and upper back muscles, but because the arms extend so far from the body, your shoulder muscles do much of the work holding on to the heavy ball. In addition, because you have to stabilize your torso, your core muscles are activated and engaged the entire time. That faster you press the more you have to pull your core in. In addition, the faster you go the higher your heart rate will go and the more calories you will burn. Just be cautious not to exceed a speed that is safe for your shoulders. Stay in a controlled motion according to the weight you have.

If you learn how to do Medicine Ball Chest Press you will want to make sure to choose your medicine ball carefully. The weight of the ball might be slightly lighter than other exercises with the ball due to the long arm stretch and the use of your shoulders or anterior deltoid. Shoulders, one of the ball and socket joints on your body, are very flexible but also very vulnerable to injury. Start lighter and work your way to a heavier ball once you are confident in your ability to add more weight. The medicine ball.

Medicine ball training is a fun way to shake up your strength training routine. This Medicine Ball Chest Press would be fun to pair with a Medicine Ball Slam for a great upper body combo!

For another great medicine ball workout try our 20-Minute Total Body Medicine Ball Workout.

Here are the steps to performing Medicine Ball Chest Press:

1) Stand with feet hip width apart and hold the medicine ball at your chest.

2) Press the ball out in front of your chest until arms are long, then pull it back in.

3) Keep shoulders down and stable.

Targets: chest, shoulders, core

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