How To Do Medicine Ball Rainbow Slam

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a rainbow lunge slam with a medicine ball wearing a black top and workout pants.

The Medicine Ball Rainbow Slam is a great total body exercise that will fire up your legs, glutes, core, back and shoulders. Learning how to to Medicine Ball Rainbow slam will give you another tool for achieving strength throughout your entire body. Though it sounds intense, this is an exercise that even those with beginner level fitness experience should try out. The “slam” helps transfer strength efficiently through the body. It improves speed, power, balance and, of course, strength. You will be using your whole body to transfer the weight of the medicine ball from over your head to the ground. It won’t take many reps of these to feel the core muscles in action!

The medicine ball is a great way to safely challenge your workouts because you can customize the resistance to fit your needs. Medicine balls come in many different weights, all the way from 1 pound to 50 pounds, so pick one that is appropriate for your strength. Most people start with something between 8-12 pounds to begin. If you are unsure, go lighter. You never want to sacrifice form for weight.

Before you get started, here are some quick tips to perfect your Medicine Ball Rainbow Slam: Keep your chest up, core engaged, and exhale as you slam the medicine ball downward. It’s important to maintain your breath during these kinds of workouts.

Looking for ways to incorporate a medicine ball into a more robust routine? Add the Medicine Ball Rainbow Slam to our 20-Minute Total Body Medicine Ball Workout! This is a fantastic way to get an effective, functional workout that you can squeeze in to your busy day!

Here are the steps to performing Medicine Ball Rainbow Slam:

1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding medicine ball over the top of your head.

2) Pivot to face right, lifting back heel off the ground and bending knees in a lunge position. Slam the ball to the ground hard and catch it.

3) Return to center position with arms above head.

4) Pivot to face left repeating the same lunge and ball slam.

5) Return to center position. That is one repetition.

Targets: legs, glutes, core, back, shoulders

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