How To Do Medicine Ball Single Leg Deadlifts

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating single leg deadlifts with a medicine ball

Medicine Ball Single Leg Deadlifts strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and core body muscles by using the medicine ball for weight and challenging your balance and stability. Deadlifts are one of the best strength exercises for your hamstrings. We often neglect strengthening our hamstrings the way we should since most of the moves we used such as squats and lunges focus more on the quadriceps and glutes. It is important to balance the muscles in your body when you are training. When certain muscles are neglected you are more prone to injuries. If you learn how to do the Medicine Ball Single Leg Deadlifts you are training not only the muscles in your legs and abs, but you are working on something else often neglected: balance. Balance is a crucial element to fitness training. According to the Mayo Clinic, balance exercises help your prevent falls and keep your more independent as you age.

Deadlifts can be done with a myriad of different tools including dumbbells or barbells. This one uses the medicine ball as your tool of choice adding variety to your workout and setting you up for other medicine ball moves to be incorporated. The medicine ball is an excellent tool for strength training because it not only provides weight, but offers unique movement options. Medicine balls come in a variety of sized anywhere from 2 pounds to more than 20 pounds. Be sure to choose the weight that is right for you. If you are unsure, start a little lighter and work your way to something heavier once you mast the move.

Try the Medicine Ball Single Leg Deadlifts and then discover more great medicine ball moves in our 20-Minute Total Body Medicine Ball Workout! This is a great full-body workout that will burn calories and strengthen you from head to toe!

Here are the steps to performing Medicine Ball Single Leg Deadlifts:

1) Stand with feet together holding the medicine ball in front of your chest.

2) Hinge forward lifting right leg straight behind you and lowering the ball close to the floor. Keep your left knee slightly bent.

3) Squeeze left glute and hamstring as you rise back up.

4) Repeat for desired number of repetitions and switch legs.

Targets: hamstrings, glutes

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