How to do a Plank To Upright Row

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrates a Plank To Upright Row

The Plank to Upright Row is a resistance and cardio exercise that targets the shoulders, arms, back, glutes and the entire core! Though this is a more advanced exercise, this is a great way to keep your workout routine interesting and challenging if you’re getting tired of the standard plank.

Learning how to do the Plank to Upright Row will engage your entire body, making it not only an extremely effective exercise but also a functional one. The Plank to Upright Row will help improve your balance and strengthen your core—which includes your abs, back, and hips. In addition, the plank to upright row is a great low impact version of a burpee. You remove the jump, replace it with an upright row, and retain all the great heart pumping benefits without any of the impact.

You will need dumbbells to do this exercise. We recommend choosing a weight that is appropriate for your strength level, typically around five to ten pounds. It needs to be heavy enough to give you a challenge, but not so heavy that you can’t keep proper form. Be sure to refresh yourself on how to do a proper plank before you begin to receive all the great benefits.

Before you get started, here are some tips to perfect the Plank to Upright Row: Anytime you’re in plank position your form is crucial: keep your core and glutes engaged, your torso leveled, place your hands shoulder-width apart directly below shoulders, and balance on your toes. Also, this is a strengthening exercise, so avoid using momentum when you lift your dumbbells.

Looking for a way to include this exercise into a more robust workout routine? We have an intense Ultimate 8-Minute Plank Challenge, which includes Plank to Upright Row as well as: Renegade Row, Side Plank Arm Extension, Plank to Chair Squat, Modified Side Plank Crunch and Plank Jacks!

1) Start in a plank position with arms and legs long, hands shoulder distance apart holding dumbbells.

2) Walk or jump both feet outside your hands coming into a low squat like your sitting back into a chair. Press your weight back onto your heels. Squeeze glutes and then come to standing.

3) Pull dumbbells up slowly to chest height letting elbows point out to the sides as you lift dumbbells. Then release arms back down with control.

Targets: core, glutes, chest, arms, shoulders



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