How To Do A Straight Arm Press Back

By: Chris Freytag, CPT


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    Straight Arm Press Back

    The Straight Arm Press Back is a move that strengthens your upper back, rear deltoids and triceps. The back of the arms can be a trouble spot for a lot of women, and losing the stubborn back of the arm fat can be challenging!

    But try adding these straight arm press backs as part of your arm workout and soon you’ll have tight and toned triceps! You may have tried this out during a sweaty warrior sculpt class, but if this is new to you no worries. Check out our two simple steps below and learn how to do a straight arm press back! This exercise can be done in a slight squat, or using a bench. Either way, you’re bound to feel the burn in not only your triceps, but your core and back as well!

    Using proper form is always the most important aspect of performing an exercise. Failure to do so could cause pain or even injury! For this exercise, proper form means keeping your core tight and your spine neutral as you lift and lower the weights.

    Don’t let momentum do the work for you, instead, keep your abs flexed and use slow and controlled motions. If you’re using a bench, keeping your abs flexed will ensure your back isn’t rounded- you want to maintain a straight line from your head down to your tailbone. If you don’t feel strong enough to perform this exercise without swinging the weights back and forth, try using only one arm at a time. Extend your arm backwards until it is parallel and then slowly bend your elbow and bring the weight back to the front of your body.

    How to do a straight arm press back

    1) Start with feet hip distance apart. Engage your abdominals and sit back into a slight squat. Dumbbells start at the sides of the knees.

    2) Keeping the core engaged press the dumbbells past your hips and return with control. Avoid swinging the arms or bending the elbows.

    Targets: triceps, shoulder, back

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