How To Do Resistance Band Chest Press


Chris Freytag demonstrating a chest press with resistance tune wearing a red top and blue workout pants

Resistance Band Chest Press is a great exercise for strengthening your chest and arms without doing push-ups! This exercises uses the resistance of the band to work against the pushing motion in order to strengthen biceps, triceps, chest and even the front of the shoulder. This is also a great exercise for teaching your body to engage the core for stabilization. If you learn how to do Resistance Band Chest Press, you will have a great exercise to strengthen your chest without having to pick up heavy weights or even do push-ups. This is a great move!

Resistance Bands are wonderful tools to have in your arsenal. The resistance of the band’s pressure is another way to strengthen muscles and tone the parts of the body you would like to see stronger and look better. One of the benefits of the band is the portability. You can take your workout wherever you go! But don’t let the lightness fool you. These bands can be challenging and you’ll feel the results of your work the next day! Another benefit in using the resistance band is the range of exercises that can be done. This resistance band chest press is similar to a dumbbell or barbell chest press, but due to the band resistance you can accomplish it from a standing position. This can be a great tool for those who cannot lay down on their backs for any reason.

When performing the Resistance Band Chest Press remember to keep abs very tights and concentrate on good posture through your spine. In addition, keep your shoulders pulled down away from your ears – no scrunching! Remember that bands come in a variety of tensions based on the color you buy. You may need thicker, tighter band if the exercise isn’t challenging enough and a thicker band to make it harder.

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How To Do Resistance Band Chest Press:

1) Place right foot down on center of the band and bring handles to shoulders with palms facing forward. Hold elbows slightly behind body.

2) Standing tall with abs tight, press arms straight out in front of your chest and shoulders then slowly pull elbows back. Repeat.

What Muscles Does Resistance Band Chest Press Work:

Resistance Band Chest Press is a great way to strengthen your chest, arms and shoulders without picking up any weights. If you are looking for a strong, sculpted upper body, this is a great move for you!

Benefits of Resistance Band Chest Press:

There are many reasons you should incorporate Resistance Band Chest Press into your workouts. Here are just a few:

Strengthen Your Chest

Resistance Band Chest Press is a unique way to build chest strength. Instead of picking up dumbbells or pressing a heavy barbell, the band creates strength in a different way. The muscles work against the strength of the tight band rather than the weight of dumbbells. It’s an excellent and effective way to use the band for strength!

Add Variety To Your Strength Training

So often people go straight to weights when they want to build strength. The resistance band offers a huge variety of ways to strength train. The band allows you to move in unique ranges of motion, whereas lifting weights is generally done in a fixed position. The band is super adaptive for all levels. If you need to work harder, you pull the band tighter or add another band. If it’s too challenging or you can’t seem to get the proper form, you loosen the band. Resistance Band Chest Press is totally unique! Bench press and push-ups are the standard exercises for chest strength. But not everyone can perform these moves due to the added weight on their shoulders, wrists or elbow joint. The Resistance Band Chest Press lets the band provide the challenge without the extra, unwanted pressure on other joints.

Strengthen Arms and Shoulders

Part of the challenge in performing the Resistance Band Chest Press is that you have to keep handles of the band up the entire time you are pressing with your chest. In order to make that happen, you get an incredible isometric workout for your arms and your shoulders.

How Many Calories Does Resistance Band Chest Press burn?

Resistance Band Chest Press is a strength training move. The fact that you are building muscle means you are becoming more efficient on a daily basis at burning calories. In general, an exercise will burn about 100 calories for every 10 minutes you are working at high intensity. It all boils down to how hard you work. Because this move is more stationary, you wouldn’t expect to burn a many calories as a cardio move or a full body weight move, but you will certainly torch a few!

Other Exercises Similar to Resistance Band Chest Press

If you like the work and results you get from the Resistance Band Chest Press, here are some other exercises you might like as well!

Resistance Band Squat

Resistance Band Overhead Shoulder

Resistance Band Bicep Curl

Incorporating Resistance Band Chest Press Into Your Workouts

Resistance Band Chest Press is an amazing exercise that will give you results on its own! However, you could also incorporate Resistance Band Chest Press into other workouts to mix it up and add variety! Here are some ideas to make that happen:

Use Resistance Band Chest Press in a Full Body Strength Workout

Strengthening all of your muscles in one session for a full body workout is time efficient and effective. The following workout is awesome because not only will you get everything done in less than 30 minutes, but you only need one lightweight, inexpensive (most of them are less than $10 each!) and portable resistance band. So get a band and get this going!

Resistance Band Full Body Workout:

Resistance Band Side-to-Side Squat – 12 times

Resistance Band Mid-Back Pull – 12 times

Resistance Band Lunge With Overhead Press – 12 times per leg

Resistance Band Chest Press – 12 times

Resistance Band Alternating Glute Squeeze – 12 times

Resistance Band Bicep Curl – 12 times

Resistance Band Tricep Extension – 12 times

Repeat the Sequence One More Time

That’s it! Legs, Glutes, Back, Chest, Biceps, Triceps – all in one workout with on little band!

Use Resistance Band Chest Press In Your Upper Body Workout

Resistance Band Chest Press strengthens your chest, but it also makes for beautiful arms and shoulders! Put it into your arm workout and you’ll get a toned, sculpted upper body with just your resistance band and bodyweight. Get a mat and a resistance band and try this challenge! You will get some supersetting in this workout – 2 moves for each body part. Bonus!

Warm Up:

Jog in place – 1 minute.

Inchworm – 4 times


Resistance Band Chest Press – 10 times

Modified Push-Up (no band) – 10 times

Resistance Band Rear Delt Fly– 10 times per side

Resistance Band Row – 10 times

Resistance Band Bicep Curl – 10 times

Resistance Band Overhead Press – 10 times

Resistance Band Tricep Shoulder Press – 10 times

Tricep Dips (no band) – 10 times

Go Through The Work Sequence Once More!

Use Resistance Band Chest Press In Your HIIT Workout

You can work your triceps and get your high intensity intervals all in one workout! Get your band and try this out:

Perform each move 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds between moves
Push-Up Jacks
Jump Squats

Resistance Band Chest Press

Resistance Band Side Squats

Repeat Block 1

Each move 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds between moves
Dips and Kicks

Resistance Band Mid-Back Row

Resistance Band Tick Tock

Repeat Block 2

Do you love the resistance band? Here are 2 more workouts that include the resistance band and a great article for beginners to strength training of all kinds.

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Targets: chest, biceps

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