How To Do Resistance Band Tricep Shoulder Press

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a resistance band tricep shoulder press back

Resistance Band Tricep Shoulder Press is an upper body exercise that strengthens the triceps and the rear deltoids, or back of the shoulders. By using the power and versatility of the resistance band, this exercise allows you to strengthen multiple muscles at one time, particularly hard-to-reach areas such as the rear deltoids –or back of the shoulders. Typically, in order to strengthen these muscle areas, you have to use weights in positions that have you working against gravity. With the band you are able to stand upright and fight the resistance of the band instead.

Many of our “go-to” exercises focus more on the chest and front of the body. That is usually because they are just easier exercises to perform in terms of logistics. As mentioned before, most back of the body exercises have to fight gravity unless you have a band. If you do too many push-ups and not enough moves to balance the strength in the back side of your body you end up with a “hunch-back” look and poor posture.

The Resistance Band is a great tool to have in your box of goods making strength training something you can do at home, at the gym or even on the road when you travel. In addition, the resistance band is typically a bit more user-friendly for people than weights. Choose your thickness – the thicker the band, the more difficult the exercise. Then tighten or loosen as needed even during use!

Try the Resistance Band Tricep Shoulder Press and then try our workout 7 Moves To Sculpt Your Back and Shoulders.

Here are the steps to performing Resistance Band Tricep Shoulder

1) Stand both feet on band hip width apart and hold handles with palms facing behind you and arms long next to your sides.

2) Bend slightly at the knees and hinge forward keeping abs tight.

3) Press arms straight back as far as you can keeping shoulders down.

4) Release arms forward slowly.

Targets: tricep, shoulder, back

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