How To Do Run The Tires

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Run The Tires

Run the Tires is a lot like the Heisman Drill, which is a cardio exercise designed to strengthen the legs and get your heart rate up. We love it because it’s different than your average forward and backward, mindless cardio workout. Run the Tires requires a bit of brainpower because it uses a 1-2-3 pattern. This not only helps make it an effective workout, but it also keeps your mind engaged so you don’t get bored!

Learning how to do Run the Tires exercise will help you increase endurance and agility and help you to lose weight. It’s a high impact exercise that makes you move fast meaning you’ll be breathless by the end. But this is good! High impact exercises keep your metabolism burning all day long so you can lose weight effectively. Stability is a key factor in Run the Tires because when you land with one leg up, you are essentially balanced on one foot and engaging the core. In light of this, be sure not to move side to side without holding the single leg balance on each side.

Run the Tires is a great “no-excuse” exercise because it requires very little space and your own bodyweight. It’s often used as a part of an interval workout. Looking for a way to add Run the Tires into a more robust routine? Try our Spring Break Body Workout, which includes Run the Tires, as well as a variety of strengthening and cardio exercises to tone that body anywhere!

Here are the steps to performing Run the Tires:

A) Balance on right foot with left knee lifted.

B) Move sideways with a quick “1-2-3” step landing on left foot with right knee lifted.  Repeat the “1-2-3” side steps.




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