How To Do Sprinter Sit-Up

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Sprinter Sit-Up is an awesome core strength move that uses body weight alone to strengthen and sculpt your belly. Your basic old sit up is a tried and true way to strengthen your core but the sprinter sit-up takes it up a notch for a more powerful, intense move! If you learn how to do the Sprinter Sit-Up you’ll have a new challenge to throw into the regular old routine.

First things first. Be sure you can do at least 12-15 basic crunches. This is a good foundational move to learn. Then you might even want to try learning a full body roll up just to understand how to use your core strength and stability in this move instead of the momentum of your arms and legs. This is a bad habit you do not want to start with! Once you have those ideas locked in, go through the steps of the Spinter Sit-Up with that foundation in mind. You will, undoubtedly, use a bit of “movement” to get yourself up off the ground, but be sure it is muscle based versus momentum based.

Core strength is important not just for a nice, flat tummy and smaller clothes. It is also important to have a stronger lower back which many people struggle with. Core strength helps every part of your physical movement from sitting to walking to strength training! You need a strong core.

Here are the steps to performing the Sprinter Sit Up:

1) Start seated with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keeping core engaged, lean torso back to a 45-degree angle from floor and extend right leg 2 inches off floor.

2) Explosively pull torso back to upright position while pulling right knee toward chest and shooting left arm forward. The motion looks somewhat like you’re sprinting. Repeat for desired number of reps and switch arm and leg.


Targets: core, back

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